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How Unique Retail Experiences Are Successfully Fending Off The Internet

1080 567 Abby Feauto

COMPETING IN AN INTERNET-DRIVEN WORLD The Brick and Mortar Retail Challenge It goes without saying that competing in our Internet-driven world is no easy feat for brick and mortar retailers. Amazon is now a household name and Prime members enjoy expedited shipping so swift there’s no need to ever leave the couch. It’s safe to…

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The PPM Multi-Site As-Built Survey Process

The PPM As-Built Multi-Site Survey Process

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A NATIONWIDE AS-BUILT PARTNER WITH A BULLETPROOF PLAN FOR MULTI-LOCATION PROJECTS Ensuring accuracy, speed, and service on a larger scale Renovations across multiple locations require careful planning and a well-developed process. At PPM, we bring a team of professionals who ensure your success through a carefully designed Multi-Site As-Built Survey Process. We make sure your…

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The PPM As-Built Survey Process

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A BULLETPROOF REMODEL STARTS HERE At PPM, we live and die by process. That’s because we’ve learned that having a well-thought-out process and executing it consistently is the best way to give our customers the most accurate As-Built surveys, on time and on budget. Every challenge, every potential problem that could arise, every structure (old…

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PPM’s As-Built Surveying Case Study #1: Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, KY

1024 804 Andy McFarland

Welcome to the Seelbach! The story of the Seelbach Hotel dates back to 1903. It began when the Seelbach brothers, who were recent immigrants from Bavaria, decided to open a luxury hotel in downtown Louisville that would capture all of the old-world elegance of the European hotels they had fallen in love with in their…

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PPM’s As-Built Surveying Case Study: Nationwide Quick Service Restaurant Chain

1024 704 Andy McFarland

Quickly tackling a complex 550-restaurant project When a large quick service restaurant chain wanted to remodel 550 stores in a year, they chose PPM as their As-Built partner.  By quickly understanding their needs, figuring out their preferred communication rhythm, and deploying our nationwide network of surveyors, we were able to deliver all their plans on…

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PPM's Top 5 Cutting-Edge Home Design Trends for 2019

PPM’s Top 5 Cutting-Edge Home Design Trends for 2019

600 400 Andy McFarland

What Does an As-Built Surveying Company Know about Home Design? For most of Precision Property Measurement’s history, we’ve been working hard to help our clients design and build the home of their dreams. My team and I have worked with countless architects and homeowners to deliver them accurate and reliable As-Built surveying information they can…

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4 Ways 3D Laser Scanning Is Changing Your As-Built Customer Experience

710 408 Andy McFarland

3D Laser As-Built Surveying in the Information Age At Precision Property Measurements, we get it. You’re busy, you’re under a deadline, you need the most accurate As-Built survey possible, and you want it to be completely Worry Free. Believe us. We’ve been in the business for over 16 years now and we understand what you…

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Street Perspective Of Home 3D Laser As-Built Scanner

How I Finally Learned to Drop the Tape Measure and Embrace the 3D Laser Scanner

576 308 Andy McFarland

How 3D Laser Scanning is Changing The Financials Of As-Built Surveying For the first 14 years of Precision Property Measurements, it was just a few trusty surveyors and me waking up at 5 AM, Monday through Friday, hopping on the freeway to beat the LA morning traffic, and breaking out our handy measuring tapes, pencils,…

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The PPM staff at the company picnic.

PPM Loves Super Hero Company Picnics

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4 Tips For Making Your Company Picnic A Memorable, Team-Building Experience On Saturday, July 21, the team here at Precision Property Measurements took to Whaley Park in our hometown of Long Beach, CA to have our fourth annual memorable, team-building company picnic experience. We were lucky enough to get a beautiful Southern California day and…

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Accurate As-Built Plans Make A Big Difference

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Accurate As-Built Plans Make A Huge Difference In Your Renovation Project “I Found These Existing As-Built Drawings. They Look Pretty Accurate… I think.”   Here at Precision Property Measurements, most of our clients are architects, designers and facility managers that are in charge of planning and executing building remodel projects. For every new project, whether…

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