Accurate As-Built Surveys Start With a Sound Process
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With over 17 years of experience, we know every successful project starts with smart planning. The PPM As-Built Survey Process ensures that each project is accurate, complete, and delivered on time. We communicate with you throughout the project, and we are still here for you even after your plans are delivered. This is how we promise Worry-Free As-Built surveys you can trust.

PPM serves all types of properties including Residential, Retail, Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Industrial, and more. Most projects follow a standard process and timeline, and any exceptions to the timeline will be communicated in advance. Our 7-step tried and true process provides precision, timeliness, and communication on every project.

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If your project has multiple locations, learn more about how we approach Multi-Site projects here.

The PPM As-Built Survey Process

If your project has multiple locations, learn more about how we approach Multi-Site projects here.

Step 1 in the As-Built Survey Process: Pricing and Proposal
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First, we connect and gather project information to prepare your proposal which will arrive by the end of the next business day.

Step 2 in the As-Built Survey Process: Project Scheduling
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Upon acceptance, we provide a complete timeline including site visit, drafting, and estimated delivery.

Step 3 in the As-Built Survey Process: Site Visit
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Next, your surveyor will visit the site. We coordinate directly with you or your client for the field survey. Time on site varies based on complexity of the project: one hour to several weeks.

Step 4 in the As-Built Survey Process: Drafting
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In the drafting stage, your As-Built plans are precisely drafted in your preferred format of AutoCAD or Revit. Additional details are added to the plans, including custom client standards and other project deliverables.

Step 5 in the As-Built Survey Process: Quality Check
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Next, our Quality Assurance team reviews the As-Built drawings and photos for accuracy and completeness of overall scope of work.

Step 6 in the As-Built Survey Process: Project Delivery
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After quality assurance, your project manager sends the final project files (AutoCAD/Revit, PDF plans, digital photos, etc.) via email and/or fileshare.

PPM As-Built Surveys are delivered accurately, and on time, every time.
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Step 7 in the As-Built Survey Process: Post-Project Support
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Just because we’ve delivered your plans doesn’t mean we are done supporting you. Our team is always available to discuss any questions or additional needs throughout your project lifecycle.

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Throughout the As-Built survey process, your dedicated project manager works proactively to keep you informed of our progress, answer any questions, and ensure delivery of your project to your 100% satisfaction. We’re also available for post-project support with any follow-up questions regarding your plans.

Worry-Free As-Built Plans Start Here.