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The first step in any smart renovation is an As-Built Survey providing a precise set of plans. Whether it’s your home or your client’s home, starting a remodel should be an exciting time and not a stressful endeavor. PPM’s residential As-Built Surveying services help ensure your home makeover project gets started on the right track. This important first step provides architects, designers, and contractors the accurate and up-to-date As-Built plans needed to redesign a living space – all while avoiding costly mistakes, delays, and unwelcome surprises old or inaccurate plans can cause.

Choosing an experienced As-Built Surveyor to deliver a precise set of plans is a critical decision in your home renovation. PPM has been the trusted As-Built service partner for over 10,000 residential projects since 2002. There is a reason that no other company in America measures more homes for architects than we do. We are residential As-Built surveying specialists! Our four regional offices serve residential projects in Southern California, Northern California, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, South Florida, and the Seattle Metro area. Files are available in AutoCAD, Revit (BIM), or ArchiCAD (BIM).

Every As-Built Survey Project is Backed by OUR WORRY-FREE PROMISE.


Single-Family Homes

We know it’s not just a house – it’s your home. We’re here to start you on the right track.

Apartments & Condominiums

Surveying multi-family buildings is a breeze with our seasoned team.

Senior Living

Enhancing the Senior experience is a valuable undertaking. Here’s how we can help.

Residential As-Built Survey Case Study

How Gunkel Architecture Leverages the PPM team to Streamline Their Workflow and Ensure Accuracy


Working with PPM

We love supporting residential architects as they embark on each new remodel project. Since 2002, we’ve had the pleasure of becoming the trusted Residential As-Built Survey partner for architects in our four regional service areas: Southern California, Northern California, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Seattle Metro area.

Learn the benefits of working with PPM from our long-time client Jeff Jeannette of Jeannette Architects in Long Beach, California.

3D Laser Scanning for As-Built Surveys

3D laser scanners are used by many industries in different ways. As an As-Built Survey provider, we use special 3D laser scanners to capture millions of data points which render into a point cloud. The resulting point cloud is a digital twin of your building and is used as a map for drafting by our Production team. Sectioning through the point cloud allows our drafters and modelers to create the most accurate As-Built  plans. And, it’s a great resource for our quality assurance team.

3D Laser Scanning Benefits for Homeowners

  • 3D laser scanning allows us to move through your home more quickly.
  • It provides a digital twin which helps us ensure the most accurate deliverables.
  • Accuracy helps avoid budget overages and extensions to your timeline.

Residential As-Built Drawings

PPM offers the following As-Built architectural drawings for residential properties. Your specific needs for your remodel project will likely depend on the work you are planning to do to the home. Your architect, contractor, or other professional consultant should be able to help you determine the As-Built plans you will need to get started. When working with PPM, you may choose the individual drawings that you need, or choose from one of our popular Service Packages which contain common bundles of plans at a volume discount.

If you would like more details on what these plans include,
speak with our team or download our complete set of Residential Plan Standards here.

3D Residential As-Built BIM Models

Choose your preferred format in Revit or ArchiCAD

3D As-Built BIM Models have become quite popular with our architecture clients. Not only are they visually appealing, they also help with many logistics of the project like cost schedules, clash detection, and managing project changes. View the residence from any angle and section the model to focus on specific areas. Conveniently export to 2D drawings.

PPM offers Revit and ArchiCAD BIM deliverables to fit your preference.

360° Virtual Tours

Remote Site Visits Made Easy.

360° Virtual Tours powered by Matterport simplify the entire remodel process by providing your team of architects, designers and contractors, a virtual 3D tour of your home or your clients home. Take basic measurements, “walk through”, or view as a “doll house” to eliminate unnecessarily site visits and save precious design time.

"I am thrilled to have found PPM. As-Builts are literally the foundation of my entire design process. By using the same As-Built source for all my projects, I can really streamline my process and it makes my entire team more efficient. I have never had any issue with accuracy with PPM's plans - even on my complex remodel projects. PPM is a great resource for an architect like me. "

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