Core Values = High Octane Fuel For Success

Our Core Values At PPM

Enthusiasm. Values. Commitment.

At PPM, we have always defined ourselves by the way that we interact with our clients, our vendors, and each other. As we have continued to grow, it has become more and more important to explicitly define these Core Values, which guide our decisions in everything that we do.

These are the 8 Core Values that we live and work by.

Life is best when you are busting, which means giving your complete energy, focus and effort to the task at hand.

We believe that balance is the key to achieving a great career AND a great personal life.

We are uncompromising in our personal and collective commitment to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all that we do.

We understand that our continued long-term success relies on a commitment towards perpetual innovation and improvement.

We believe that individuals should be personally responsible for all that they do in their work and in their personal lives.

We believe in the power of the individual to achieve anything they want in his or her life.

All organizations work best when people work together, and are united around a common objective.

Making our customers’ businesses and projects perform better is our purpose – it is why we exist.

"I am thrilled to have found PPM. As-Builts are literally the foundation of my entire design process. By using the same As-Built source for all my projects, I can really streamline my process and it makes my entire team more efficient. I have never had any issue with accuracy with PPM's plans - even on my complex remodel projects. PPM is a great resource for an architect like me. "

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