As-Built Measurements & Drawings, Draftings & Plans

What is an As-Built Plan?

In the architecture and construction industry, “As-Built” refers to a drawing that shows the existing dimensions and conditions of a building, space, or area. So As-Built drawings should show the building exactly as it currently is, as opposed to a design drawing which shows the intended or proposed layout of the building. This is a critical distinction, because a constructed building almost never corresponds exactly to the original design drawings.

There are many reasons why building drawings can be inaccurate. Often, there are complications that arise during construction which force the contractor to make variations from the original plans. Or, over time the building might have undergone several renovations and/or tenant improvements, which were never properly documented and recorded in the building plans. Whatever the case, an As-Built drawing is intended to document the current dimensions and layout of the building, and show the existing conditions “as-is”.

Today, there are several different terms and spellings used when referring to As-Built drawings.

These include:

• Existing Conditions Drawings

• Record Drawings

• Measured Drawings

• Asbuilt (drawings, plans, etc..)

• As-Build or Asbuild (drawings, plans, etc…)