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The PPM As-Built Survey Process

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A BULLETPROOF REMODEL STARTS HERE At PPM, we live and die by process. That’s because we’ve learned that having a well-thought-out process and executing it consistently is the best way to give our customers the most accurate As-Built surveys, on time and on budget. Every challenge, every potential problem that could arise, every structure (old…

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What Is An As-Built Survey?

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What is an As-Built Survey? The Most Critical Part of your Remodel That You’ve Never Heard Of. It happens all the time, even after 16+ years in business.  Someone asks me “What do you do for work?”, and I tell them that PPM provides As-Built surveys to architects and other design and construction professionals.  Unless…

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An Overview of The Most Commonly Requested As-Built Drawings By Architects

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The 5 Most Common As-Built Drawings for Architects From the architect’s viewpoint (and certainly from the building owner’s), every remodel project is unique. Both the inputs (existing building conditions, local codes, budget) as well as the outputs (new design/materials) are different every time – and when these 2 factors are combined into a complete project, the possibilities for architects are…

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Planning a Multi Site As-Built Survey Program – Get It Right!

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4 Critical Steps to Planning a Multi Site As-Built Survey Program Last week I wrote an article about a specific type of As-Built services that PPM began offering in 2009 – “Multi Site” As-Built surveys.  A Multi Site survey program involves 2 or more locations (often hundreds) of the same type, and for the same client – most…

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Should you outsource your As-Built surveys?

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your As-Built Surveys For many years, it has been common practice in the architectural community to outsource related professional services such as structural calculations, interior design, and model development to other firms. But for one reason or the other, As-Built drawings have not reached the same level of ubiquity as…

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