Uses for As-Built Drawings, Drafting & Plans

An accurate and detailed set of As-Built drawings are an extremely valuable asset to have for any type of property. If properly maintained and kept current, As-Built plans can pay for themselves many times over throughout the life of a building, due to the many uses and cost savings they can provide. The value of As-Builts has only increased in recent years with technological developments. Today, with CAD programs such as AutoCAD, As-Built plans can be created and stored digitally, which allows for much easier and cheaper storage of historical drawings, not to mention the ease of modifying the drawings as changes and improvements to the property are made over time.

The primary use for As-Built plans is in the planning and design phase of remodel projects. Prior to starting a new project, the architect will want to know what the exact dimensions and conditions are of the existing building or space. A good set of As-Builts, combined with site photography, can often provide everything the architect needs to know about the existing conditions. There are many other uses for As-Built drawings as well:

  • • Building and store remodel and construction projects
  • • Tenant Improvements / Home Improvements
  • • Square Footage Calculations (BOMA Standard or other)
  • • Leasing and Marketing plans for commercial real estate
  • • Space Planning
  • • Landscape design and construction
  • • Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)
  • • Asset Management
  • • Property Management
  • • Fire Safety and Building Evacuation maps
  • • Permitting and other government requirements