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Complete As-Built Services List

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Floor PlanDimensioned As-Built floor plan including all exterior and interior walls, windows, doors, openings, exposed vertical columns, stairs/shafts and other penetrations, major visible MEP controls and plumbing fixtures.
Floor Plan: Core & ShellDimensioned As-Built floor plan including core building structural elements only: Exterior walls with doors and windows, tenant demising walls, stairs/shafts and other penetrations, exposed vertical columns, and voids. Does not include tenant improvement interior walls.
Exterior ElevationsDrawing of vertical face of building exterior from exterior ground to top of structure. Includes doors, windows, roof detail, trim, attached posts, steps, railings, canopies, etc.
Roof PlanPlan view drawing of roof including parapets with bracing, fixed equipment/utilities, drains, skylights, chimneys, and pitch information (if applicable).
# Does not include transmission elements such as piping, ducting, or conduit.
MEP SystemsIncludes visible and accessible Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing equipment and fixtures.
# Major equipment only – does not include outlets, switches, telecom ports, HVAC controls, etc.
#Does not include transmission elements such as piping, ducting, or wiring.
Electrical PlanDetailed drawing of electrical components including outlets, switches, data jacks, panels, meters, wall lighting and other permanent electrical fixtures and equipment.
# Visible items only NOT a wiring schematic. Does not include any ceiling information unless specifically requested.
PlumbingDetailed drawing of plumbing components including sinks, drains, toilets, water connections, and fire riser (if visible).
Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)Detailed plan of ceiling elements within 2″ of finished ceiling looking upward. Includes ACT grid (if applicable), lighting, sprinklers, vents and other attached fixtures, soffits, trays, coffers, skylights, exposed beams and ceiling heights/material. Excludes crown molding.
Interior ElevationsDetailed drawing of vertical plane of building interior from finished floor to ceiling, showing all elements attached to wall.
SectionsSection view of vertical plane of building structure from finished floor to top of structure. Includes walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, roof, and observable major structural elements only.
Fixture PlanIncludes existing retail display fixtures such as sales gondolas, merchandise racks, bins, coolers, and free standing displays.
#For restaurants, includes all seating and tables.
ADADocumentation of ADA elements including parking, path of travel, bathrooms, exits, etc…
*Please specify if any particular ADA information or formatting is required.
Photo Key PlanPhotographs will be numbered and keyed to plan using a numbered symbol showing location and direction of each photograph.
Site PlanAs-Built site plan including building exterior footprint(s), physical extents of lot, major hardscape elements, walkways/ramps, parking areas with stalls, major trees and visible utilities. *Service not available in California due to state regulations.
Spot ElevationsElevation points taken at key locations and regular intervals throughout area of Site Plan. Elevation datum not adjusted to sea level.