We Know The Nuts and Bolts of Industrial As-Built Surveys

As-Built Surveys For Industrial Buildings

PPM Surveyors Roll Up Their Sleeves With Industrial As-Builts

Our professional As-Built surveyors are trained to handle just about anything. Small, Medium, Big, and Extra Large. Industrial properties have some of the largest buildings you will find – and PPM has the equipment and expertise necessary to measure and draft them with 100% accuracy.


Industrial buildings are used for all sorts of purposes including manufacturing, storage, warehousing, distribution, and increasingly – creative office and mixed-use. PPM has seen it all, and we can handle just about any scenario from a wide open empty box, to a warehouse packed floor to ceiling.


Design and Construction Trends in Industrial Buildings

Energy Efficiency

Depending on its usage, an industrial building can require a LOT of energy. Owners and operators are taking advantage of new technologies and materials such as energy-efficient lighting, fan systems, recycling programs, and more to reduce their energy usage and operating costs.

Creative Use

Industrial buildings are not just for manufacturing and storage anymore. Increasingly companies are looking at warehouse conversations for creative office space, flexible retail usage, and even multi-family dwellings.

Taller Buildings

The demand for warehousing space is growing fast, but the supply of available land is not. Architects are responding to this imbalance by designing vertically to increase a warehouse’s square footage without increasing the building footprint.



Industrial As-Built Survey Experience

PPM has performed industrial As-Built surveys for companies throughout the USA

  • Miami Industrial Park
    Miami, FL
    (470,000 SF)
  • Hunters Point Shipyard
    San Francisco, CA
    (300,000 SF)
  • Bob’s Red Mill
    Milwaukie, OR
    (310,000 SF)
  • 12201 Magnolia Ave
    Riverside, CA
    (300,000 SF)
  • 1399 Pacific Dr
    Auburn Hills, MI
    (178,000 SF)
  • 4505 Bandini Blvd
    Vernon, CA
    (140,000 SF)
  • Whole Foods Distribution Center
    Vernon, CA
    (120,000 SF)
  • Nestle Waters Plant
    Houston, TX
    (100,000 SF)
  • 1840 W Oak Parkway
    Marietta, GA
    (96,000 SF)
  • 11751-11791 Cardinal Circle
    Garden Grove, CA
    (47,000 SF)
  • Nestle Waters Plant
    Elmsford, NY
    (40,000 SF)
  • Public Storage
    (10 locations in California)