Expert As-Built Surveys in Washington, D.C.

At PPM, we know how expensive residential and commercial real estate can be in the D.C. area. A remodel or renovation can greatly increase the value of your property, but cost overages during the process can blow your budget. That’s why clear, accurate As-Built surveys that depict the existing conditions of your structure are imperative to your remodel team. Starting your project with the right measurements helps to eliminate mistakes that can cause a domino effect on your timeline and your pocketbook.

We’re proud to offer Worry-Free As-Built surveys to our Washington, D.C. homeowners, contractors, and design clients.

Why As-Built Surveying is the First Step in a Renovation

  • Whether you have a set of original plans from the construction of your building or they’re nowhere to be found, it’s important to start fresh? Why? Because plans change throughout the construction process and it’s unlikely that your original plans are 100% correct. This is a time when it’s better to be safe than sorry. All smooth projects start with accurate, clear As-Built plans your team can rely on.
  • You may be wondering why your original plans have likely changed? An engineer or architect can’t visualize every detail of your construction, so once construction begins on a project, things will change. This is why it’s important to start with a fresh set of plans before every remodel.

Why As-Built Surveying is a Great Choice for Your Renovation

  • The challenge for most renovation projects is that what was completed is not always what was originally intended.
  • For instance, doors and wall locations will sometimes vary from the plans submitted. Control panels and other room equipment may end up in a different location.
  • An engineer or architect can’t visualize every detail of your remodel, so once construction begins on a project, things will change. The contractor, along with subcontractors, takes on the responsibility of documenting any changes.
  • Our As-Built drawings will show locations of doors, walls, and windows, as well as locations of wires, devices, and control panels. Drafting up these plans is crucial to starting your project on the best footing possible.

Residential As-Built Surveying in Washington D.C.

We know remodels are no easy undertaking. Staying organized from the start, will alleviate the stress. That’s the PPM mission – we strive for Worry-Free renovations. Although we’re only the first step in your home remodel, the As-Built surveys we provide set your team up for a smooth project.

PPM is Washington, D.C.’s most skilled residential As-Built service provider. From our start in 2002, we have delivered over 18,000 projects. There is no challenge we haven’t seen and overcome. Whether you’re remodeling a small bungalow or obscurely shaped mansion, our team has the skills to get it right.

As-Built Surveying for Commercial Clients

When it comes to the remodel of a commercial space, time is money. It’s important that commercial projects run smoothly and stay on track so you or your client can move back into the revenue stage of the business. Accurate As-built drawings help to keep your architects, designers and contractors on the right path to implementing your building design. Inaccurate measurements can mean extensions to your timeline and budget overages. We’re here to help you curb that.

We also know that many of our clients have their own clients. You can count on our team of professional As-Built experts to represent you professionally in every way – both during field visits and in the work we deliver. We take pride in delivering the most accurate As-Built surveys in Washington, D.C.

Why PPM is the #1 Choice for As-Built Surveying

Precision Property Measurements has completed over 18,000 projects nationwide since we began in 2002. For each project, we combine our vast industry experience with the best local D.C. surveyors to provide you with the As-Built precision that you require. We take tremendous pride in our process with includes a stringent quality check and a well-communicated process to keep you abreast during the As-Built piece of the process. PPM is a reliable partner that works to organize and implement your plans with the utmost accuracy and professionalism every single time.

So, call PPM today at 1-855-AS-BUILT or click here for your free quote, and tell us about your As-Built surveying needs!

"I have never had any issues with the accuracy of PPM's As-Built plans - even on my complex remodel projects."

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