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As-Built Surveys For Multi-Family Apartment Renovations and Condominium Conversions

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PPM has been providing custom As-Built Surveys for Multi-Family Residential buildings for over 12 years. Through 2017, we have surveyed 400 Apartment and Condominium buildings, totaling over 5,000,000 Square Feet of living space. Our extensive experience with Multi-Family structures has enabled us to develop custom surveying techniques, designed to produce the most accurate As-Built plans at the lowest cost to our clients. We understand the challenges of working at Multi-Family properties, so we work closely with our clients, on-site management, and residents to minimize the impact of our field work on the folks that live there.

Does your Multi-Family building fall within
the “Soft Story Retrofit” ordinance
for Los Angeles or San Francisco?

We are familiar with the requirements of the Soft Story Retrofit ordinance, and have been helping property owners with compliance since 2014. We work with engineers, contractors and other property consultants to capture the necessary building information required by the ordinance, to help ensure that your property can stay safe, and within the requirements of the law.

Trends in Apartment Building As-Built Surveys

As the Multi-Family Residential market changes,
PPM will be there to help you stay ahead.

The Soft Story Retrofit Ordinances…

San Francisco and Los Angeles are a major new regulation for California apartment building owners. PPM can help.

The Rising Price of Housing…

With the rising price of housing (especially in California) and a growing population, the demand for Multi-Family housing continues to increase. The winners will be those property owners that provide safe, clean, comfortable, and attractive living options to satisfy this growing demand.

Apartment Conversions…

Existing buildings, including motels and other commercial properties, are being converted to apartments. In particular demand are student housing, assisted-living facilities to serve our aging population, and “Micro” apartment units which utilize smaller spaces and shared amenities to increase the number of available units.

Apartment and Condominium As-Built Surveys That PPM Has Completed

PPM has conducted hundreds of As-Built multi-family apartment and condominium survey programs. Here is a partial list of projects completed.

  • Olson Hall
    Fort Benning, GA
    (350,000 SF)
  • 201 Ocean Ave.
    Santa Monica, CA
    (400,000 SF)
  • 200 City Boulevard West
    Orange, CA
    (190,000 SF)
  • 146 McAllister St.
    San Francisco, CA
    (80,000 SF)
  • 1525 N. Hayworth Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA
    (50,000 SF)
  • 1820 and 1837 Whitley Ave.
    Hollywood, CA
    (45,000 SF each)
  • 10945 Bluffside Dr.
    Studio City, CA
    (45,000 SF)
  • 4141 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA
    (45,000 SF)
  • 1218 Webster St.
    Oakland, CA
    (40,000 SF)
  • 16275 Woodruff Ave.
    Bellflower, CA
    (27,500 SF)
  • 11128 S. Osage Ave.
    Lennox, CA
    (20,000 SF)