Starting the day off right – the Bustation Declaration!

Starting the day off right – the Bustation Declaration!

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How We Get Fired Up To Make A Fantastic As-Built Survey For You


We have always liked to think of ourselves as a fun company.  Whether it’s company parties and events, office jokes and pranks, or just the lively discussions and laughter that you hear on a daily basis, it’s clear that the people at PPM have a good time at work – for the most part.  But as we have grown to 20+ people, we’ve found it hard to keep that same spirit and positive energy – particularly in the mornings.  See for yourself with this “before” photo of Alyson:

Before. Lethargic and low energy. Not ready to Bust.

One of our favorite words here at PPM is “Busting”. When you “Bust”, it means you are giving your full focus and energy towards whatever you are doing, and you’re in a good mood while you do it. A typical conversation with one of our As-Built Surveyors might go something like this:

Me: “How did that project go today?”

Surveyor: “It was great.  Came out perfectly.  I totally busted it.”

Me:  “Awesome.  Nice busting.”

In fact, we like this word so much that we made it our very first Core Value


It’s fairly easy to Bust in the field – you get to the jobsite early, you have a finite amount of work to get done, and besides measuring buildings is FUN! But in the office it’s a little harder to get fired up sometimes.  It was in response to this problem that the Bustation Declaration was invented at PPM.


  • At 8:45AM sharp, each morning, the entire staff at PPM stands up and gathers together (either indoors or outdoors)
  • The Leader will choose a 3-5 minute activity to get people engaged (we’ve had stretching, exercises, dances, word games – “would you rather” is a favorite).  The purpose here is to bring up the energy level and get people smiling.
  • Announcements are made (anything interesting that happened to anyone last night/this morning, any events happening at office today, etc…)
  • 3-5 people will speak up and make their BUSTATION DECLARATION!  This is where you DECLARE how you are going to BUST that day.  What are you going to get done?  What are you excited about?  What is motivating you to BUST today?  (usually something personal like a fun event happening that night or weekend)
  • A high energy closing.  We like the slow clap, wave, sports cheer, high five line, or something along those lines.
  • When the day is over and people are heading home, those that have successfully Busted that day and reached their goals can ring the “Li-BUST-y Bell” on their way out, which is basically just a blue cowbell.  Everyone else stops what they are doing and Cheers!

After.  Look at Alyson now!  High energy Busting!

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.  Anyone else do something similar at their company?