Springtime: Sunlight, Flowers, Baseball, and As-Built Survey Programs

Springtime: Sunlight, Flowers, Baseball, and As-Built Survey Programs

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Retail Renovation Season

A week ago today, March 20th, was the 1st day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here in Long Beach where I live, we don’t pay much attention to that because all of the seasons are pretty much the same.  But in most of the U.S., I have to assume that the start of spring is a big deal – heck, some people are so anxious for winter to end that they are even willing to give credence to the idea of a clairvoyant groundhog.  While we may not notice the change in weather here in sunny Southern California, at Precision Property Measurements we definitely DO notice the start of the retail renovation season.

The first sign of this change is the proliferation of trade shows focused on retail design, construction, and real estate this time of year.  Starting on Tuesday of this week, the conference kicks off Las Vegas.  So the Oakland Raiders aren’t the only ones coming to Vegas – Tawny Correa and Luke Martindale of PPM will be there too for this retail industry event which combines design, merchandising, fixture manufacturing & installation, and a wide variety of shopper-facing technology & marketing.   Other trade shows either just passed or coming up soon this time of year for the retail design & construction industry include the SPECS conference (mid-March), AIA Convention (late April), and ICSC RECon (mid/late May).

Globalshop Conference – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

These industry events take place during the Spring in order to fit the renovation cycle of the industry.  Based on what we have noticed here at PPM with our As-Built store surveying programs, and from conversations we have had with our clients, it seems like the general timeline for retail store remodels is something like this:

  1.  September – December:     Planning & Budgeting
  2.  January – March:     RFPs to line up vendors
  3.  March – July:     As-Built surveys (from PPM, of course!)
  4.  April – August:     Design and final pre-construction prep
  5.  July – October:     Construction

Which brings me to the 2nd sign that Spring has arrived:  over the last 6 weeks we have seen a big increase in the number of inquiries and RFPs we are getting to provide As-Built surveying for these programs, with many of them talking about launching in the next month.  These clients need accurate floor plan drawings of their locations so that their design team can spec out the proposed changed to the store, and the installers can then get in and out as fast as possible with minimal downtime for the store.  We are actively working with atleast a half dozen retail brands on the scope, scheduling, and pricing of their upcoming As-Built survey programs.

As much as we pride ourselves in being able to respond quickly and professionally to these inquiries, we constantly find ourselves wishing that we could have started talking to the client several months earlier.  A large nationwide As-Built survey program, potentially involving as many as 50+ store locations per week, requires a lot of planning to get right (and at the right price).  So the sooner that we can get involved in the process, the better outcome we can deliver for our clients.

Are you planning a “rebranding” or remodel program for your stores?  We would love to talk to you about how PPM can help you streamline the process from beginning to end.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with an As-Built surveying specialist.  But first go outside and enjoy the warm weather first.