Expanding and Upgrading Commercial Retail Spaces 1080 602 Alexxis Plata

Expanding and Upgrading Commercial Retail Spaces

Expanding and Upgrading Commercial Retail Spaces

The Power of As-Built Plans in Nationwide Remodel Programs: O'Reilly Auto Parts

Expanding and Upgrading Commercial Retail Spaces

The Power of As-Built Plans in Nationwide Remodel Programs: O'Reilly Auto Parts

In the world of Remodel and Rollout programs for established companies, meticulous planning is paramount. When these businesses plan to roll out upgrades to their stores or move into new locations, As-Built plans are a foundational step in the design process, ensuring that every detail is well documented to prepare for the project’s vision.

This Project Showcase explores the role of As-Built plans in the context of a Commercial Remodel Program. Throughout our partnership with O’Reilly Auto Parts, PPM has delivered over 25 sets of As-Builts and streamlined their design process as new remodel opportunities arise. In this article, we’ll focus on a store from the program located in South Bend, Indiana. We’ll hear from both our client and our Quality Assurance Specialist who played vital roles in ensuring the success of the venture.

Every Project has a Motivation

The motivation for the remodel was twofold - physical expansion and brand enhancement. Our client, a Real Estate Design Manager, shared their insights into the purpose of the project. For this location, the client was presented with a unique opportunity. They had leased a portion of their building, and their tenant was vacating the space. It was the perfect time for O’Reilly Auto Parts to seize the moment, expand their business, and update the outdated branding with their new, modern standards. Our client referred to As-Built plans as "CD sets", or construction document sets, underscoring their role as the foundation for the remodel.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Floor Plan 
  • Roof Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Exterior Elevations 
  • Site Plan
  • O’Reilly Site Survey Report
  • Survey Coverage Photos
  • MEP Detail Photos
  • 360 Photo Virtual Tour

Choosing the Right As-Built Partner for a Multi-Site Project

Selecting the right partner for creating As-Built plans is a significant decision. Our client identified two reasons for their decision to partner with Precision Property Measurements for this multi-site project: their need for quick turnaround time and our national availability and readiness to meet their requirements.

“PPM has the quickest turnaround time in terms of receiving the final deliverable. We work with lots of companies, and PPM is the only company that has people readily available across the nation to quickly tackle our As-Built survey needs.”
– Real Estate Design Manager, O’Reilly Auto Parts

Quality Assurance: Excellence in Every Detail

Quality Assurance is a critical step in PPM’s As-Built process. Pyra Pao, the PPM QA Specialist for this project, shared, “We deliver Worry-Free As-Built plans, so every plan type is important. The Reflected Ceiling Plan was the most time consuming, especially the sales floor retail space. One method that helped me review it was having the photo reference or ‘panoramic tour’ oriented the same way as the floor plan. That way the items in the photos lined up with the floor plan and were much easier to confirm.” (pictured right)

Pyra offered insights into the surveying and drafting processes: “The information was captured with photos and laser distance meter measurements. If I were to draft this site, the biggest challenge I would face would be documenting the correct heights and spacings of RCP items, but our drafters do a great job.” (pictured below)

Pyra Pao

Quality Assurance Specialist

Precision Property Measurements

Pyra enjoys quality checking projects that require minimal revisions. He values creating accurate As-Built plans the first time around, as well as the essence of quality assurance – precision and accuracy. Our drafters and modelers always aim to make their deliverables as accurate as possible before handing them off to their respective QA safety nets.

As-Built Plans Instill Confidence

All in all, the journey of commercial remodels, especially those involved in a multi-site Remodel Program, is a collaborative effort. As-Built plans serve as the foundation, ensuring every detail is able to be built upon to bring about the project’s vision before moving into construction. With the right As-Built partner, which includes a dedicated Quality Assurance Specialist, and a client’s vision, these projects evolve from ideas into successful transformations. The value of As-Built plans is not merely in the data; it’s in the potential they unlock, the precision they deliver, and the confidence they instill in businesses looking to expand and upgrade their brand.

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