Using As-Built Plans to Renovate Hilton’s DoubleTree Hotel 352 196 Alexxis Plata

Using As-Built Plans to Renovate Hilton’s DoubleTree Hotel

Using As-Built Plans to Renovate Hilton’s DoubleTree Hotel

The Importance of As-Built Plans in Hospitality Renovations

Using As-Built Plans to Renovate Hilton’s DoubleTree Hotel

The Importance of As-Built Plans in Hospitality Renovations

In the dynamic world of the hotel industry, maintaining consistent brand aesthetics is a must for major players like Hilton and Marriott. Renovations, usually required every seven years, are necessary to keep up with evolving trends and standards.

This article explores an extensive renovation of a 335,000-square-foot DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Sacramento, California. The project sheds light on the art of implementing Property Improvement Plans (PIPs), the collaboration between architectural firms and As-Built providers, and the critical role of accurate plans in the design and remodeling phases.

PIPs and Architectural Collaboration

As part of the regular remodeling cycle, hotel owners collaborate with architectural firms to bring their properties in line with new brand specifications. The DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento, facing a major renovation, sought the expertise of AO Architects in Orange County, California, to execute the required changes outlined in Hilton's Property Improvement Plans (PIPs). Brenda Gutierrez, a Senior Project Manager at AO Architects, highlights the fundamental role of As-Built plans in this process.

Streamlining the Design Process

AO Architects, responsible for translating brand guidelines into tangible renovations, relies on PPM for As-Built surveys. The As-Built plans provide a comprehensive foundation for the design process, enabling architects to explore structural details and plan modifications efficiently. Brenda emphasized the time-saving aspect of partnering with us and ensuring accurate and reliable deliverables.

“It helps us work efficiently when PPM completes the As-Built survey. We’ve worked on several projects with them and their accurate deliverables free up time for us to focus on the design process.”

– Brenda Gutierrez, Senior Project Manager at AO Architects

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Floor Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Interior Elevations
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan

MEP Plans and Investigative Work

AO Architects uses MEP, or mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans, to determine what can and cannot be done while keeping important building components in place. Once they compile this information, they release the drawings to the rest of the team to begin designing. For this remodel, they removed the coffee bar and replaced it with a full-service bar, which made it important to know where the drains were located and where electrical components ran through the area. The As-Built drawings enabled AO Architects to do investigative work to let engineers know where to make their new MEP connections.

The DoubleTree Hotel completely renovated the reception desk from one long piece into three standalone pods. They also completely gutted and renovated the restaurant.

Unveiling Architectural Discoveries

During the renovation, architectural nuances came to light. The team discovered a hidden 1970’s-style glass ceiling while implementing new ceiling designs. The As-Built plans guided the architects through navigating unexpected elements and adapting the design to accommodate existing ventilation systems. Such revelations underscore the importance of thorough As-Built documentation in minimizing surprises during the renovation process.

Efficiency and Reliability: The PPM Difference

Brenda praised PPM’s efficiency, citing the checklist-driven approach that ensures all project requirements are met. Scaling plans onto single sheets, as opposed to dividing them into quarters, streamlines readability and reduces ambiguity. She noted our commitment to addressing specific concerns demonstrates our dedication to providing comprehensive and accurate As-Built plans.

Quality Assurance Insights From PPM: A Glimpse Into Drafting Challenges

Colin Maloney, PPM’s Seattle Regional Director, not only managed the scheduling of this project but was also the Quality Assurance specialist for this project. We interviewed him about his experience, and the memory of this massive project remained fresh in his mind.

"The sheer scale of the place and all the work to be done would be intimidating if we didn’t have experience working on so many large hotel projects. You have to compartmentalize each section, work patiently on one at a time, and be sure to not sacrifice quality - all while trying to meet the overall deadline!"

- Colin Maloney, Seattle Regional Director at PPM

Q&A With the Quality Assurance Specialist

What did you most enjoy about working on this project?
The onsite contacts were AWESOME at this place. They were super cooperative, so that made the field portion much easier. My favorite part about working on large-scale projects is looking at the finished plans when everything is complete.

What was the most important element to QA on this project?
Making sure that all the requested areas were included and that the information was complete within those areas was critical. We measured only a small amount of guestrooms, but we did all of the common areas, which was a major part of the project.

We had to closely check that each scope of work was correctly layered as well, so the command “Layerstate” in AutoCAD could be used to view each scope segment by itself.

What was most unique about this property?
The shape of the building was wild, and there were height/elevation changes throughout it. So, we needed to make sure that all the angles were correct and that all the information in the building made its way onto our plans.

As-Built Plans Make Hospitality Renovations Possible

In the intricate dance of hotel renovations, As-Built plans emerge as silent orchestrators, facilitating seamless communication between architects and engineers. The DoubleTree Hotel project exemplifies the precision required for navigating complex structures and ensuring efficient collaboration. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the need for accurate As-Built plans remains indispensable in designing spaces that blend aesthetics with functionality.

The As-Built Journey of a Modern Farmhouse Remodel 352 196 Alexxis Plata

The As-Built Journey of a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

The As-Built Journey of a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

Bringing a Dream Home to Life

The As-Built Journey of a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

Bringing a Dream Home to Life

In the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Kendra Rosenberg, the Principal Designer at KNR Design Studio, embarked on a captivating journey to revitalize a home and transform it into a haven of beauty for a client and his daughter. Specializing in residential architecture, Kendra found herself drawn to this project because it would allow her to weave modern charm into the fabric of a classic farmhouse.

A Vision Preserved: Choosing Remodel Over Demolition

The home, nestled among towering redwood trees, held sentimental value for the client. Opting for a remodel instead of a full demolition, Kendra and her client sought to preserve the existing structure's footprint and robust foundation. The decision was strategic, ensuring the conservation of the beloved backyard redwoods.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Sections
  • Still Photos

The Blueprint of Success: As-Built Plans by PPM

For Kendra, the success of any remodel project lies in reliable As-Built plans. Precision Property Measurements became a key ally by providing a comprehensive package, including a floor plan, a roof plan, exterior elevations, sections, and still photos. Kendra emphasized the importance of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in the As-Built plans delivered by PPM.

“PPM delivers a reliable, high-quality product every time. When we're doing remodels, their reliability is second to none.”

- Kendra Rosenberg, Principal Designer at KNR Design Studio

The Architect's Perspective: Navigating Challenges with As-Built Plans

Kendra shed light on the critical role of up-to-date As-Built plans in remodeling projects. She explained that starting with reliable plans from the outset prevents potential disasters, saving time, money, and stress for everyone involved, including the architect, property owner, and contractors. She shared her preference for PPM’s detailed As-Built packages, which provide valuable information during the design phase of her remodels.

Surveying the Territory: Strategies and Challenges

The As-Built surveyor at PPM used cutting-edge technology, the GeoSLAM ZEB Revo, to capture scans with optimal density for single-family residences. The challenge of incorporating manual perimeter measurements amid trees and bushes against the house was expertly navigated. The surveyor highlighted the efficiency of the process, emphasizing the speed at which the survey was completed due to the use of LiDAR technology.

Behind the Scenes: As-Built Drafting and Modeling

Angelo meticulously employed techniques that ensured accurate representation of the house in AutoCAD. The small property size presented a manageable yet enjoyable challenge, particularly in regards to drafting the roof in elevation view and the roof plan. The art of piecing together the property's features was akin to assembling a puzzle, making the process both engaging and rewarding.

"I used a technique that involves comparing linework against the cloud data. It's important to carefully ensure that each line placed is accurately and consistent throughout the project.”

- Angelo Maldonado, Production Lead & Drafter/Modeler at PPM

Vision and Details as Cornerstones for Success

As Kendra and her client transformed an older house into a breath of fresh air, the reliability of our As-Built plans played a key role in their success. The marriage of Kendra’s design vision and PPM’s meticulous measurement brought the client’s dream to life. To learn more about KNR Design Studio and their work, visit

Repurposing an Abandoned Church into Affordable Housing 1080 602 Alexxis Plata

Repurposing an Abandoned Church into Affordable Housing

Transforming Oakland’s Abandoned Church into Affordable Housing

Historical Preservation as a Work of Art

Transforming Oakland’s Abandoned Church into Affordable Housing

Historical Preservation as a Work of Art

Originally built in 1892, the Brooklyn Presbyterian Church of Oakland sat vacant and unused for over seven years. In 2022, Detra Harris, Principal and Developer at Strive Real Estate, stepped in to transform the location into affordable housing through adaptive reuse. At the beginning of the process, Precision Property Measurements was hired to measure and model over 17,000 square feet of the building to make this remodel possible.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Revit Model
  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Elevations

A Century of History to Preserve

The church originally housed many of the homeless who needed shelter after the 1901 San Francisco earthquake. This was the perfect project for Detra, as she was particularly targeting opportunities that could bring affordable housing to homeless seniors in Oakland. To pay further respects to the rich history, Detra adopted “Brooklyn” from the original name of the church and used it in the new name. The building is now called Brooklyn Arms Apartments. The outstanding history of this church remains preserved through the remodel. Because the city made restoring the original designs of the building a requirement, the architect for this project required As-Builts to revert modifications that were made over the century.

Refreshing the Layout With a New Purpose

The developer discovered a large open space in the original plans (pictured left). This space was used for the main office in the original build. This finding benefited their project as they proposed studio spaces in that large space. They received pushback from the city, but because the original drawings had divided that space into small rooms, they were able to bring back the style of the 1800’s in favor of their entitlements. The As-Built plans helped them get their design approved by the city.

“We received three bids and selected PPM based on the cost, response time, and communication. PPM was able to meet our timeline with expedited turnaround.”

- Detra Harris, Principal and Developer at Strive Real Estate

17,000 Square Feet Surveyed in One Day

The property is large and has varying pitches for different sections of the building. Our surveyors used the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon scanner for this project because it was the best scanner to reach the heights that needed measuring while ensuring accuracy. To accommodate the building, our surveyors scanned each space and the entire exterior to capture as much data as possible. The work was split between three people: one person scanned the main sections of the building, one person scanned the more difficult areas, and person one photographed the building. Dividing the work helped each surveyor focus on one task and complete the data capture in one day.

The most unique parts of this property to survey were the attic spaces. The pitch of the roof was far too steep to walk along, so they had to capture data from inside of the attic. Aesthetically, our surveyors agreed the historical detail of the building was exquisite inside and out.

The Challenge of Modeling 180° of Slope Variations

One of our BIM modelers, Pyra Pao, modeled this project in Revit. He explained that everything about this property was intricate. From the interior decor to the support posts, seating bleachers, and facade – everything was unique.

The most significant challenge Pyra experienced was modeling the upper seating bleachers in the main sanctuary. The seating wrapped around 180° of the room on a narrow slope connecting to the walls, and the slope alternated between different angles before it returned back to its mirroring side. The solution to this challenge was to use duplication in the extrusion. For the facade, he used the sweep command to save time and satisfy our client’s delivery timeline.

"What I enjoyed the most about this project was modeling the organ located in the main sanctuary. I’m very proud of myself for nailing the details and how awesome it looks on the stage."

- Pyra Pao, Production Drafter at PPM

Remodeling Is an Art

Alongside providing a home to many elderly in Oakland, this building is considered public art. You can find this property on the national registry for historical projects. Brooklyn Arms Apartments has one of the largest stained glass arts in Northern California from restorations during the development. Strive Real Estate and Detra Harris are proud to bring public art and affordable housing to their communities under a duo umbrella, and our team was honored to provide accurate As-Built plans for such a beautiful redevelopment project.

To learn more about Detra and her work at Strive Real Estate, visit