Creating Timeless Spaces: The Southern California Craftsman Remodel

Adapting an Antiquated Home to a Growing Family

Creating Timeless Spaces: The Southern California Craftsman Remodel

Adapting an Antiquated Home to a Growing Family

This captivating Southern California Craftsman home, a sanctuary for a growing family, underwent a remarkable transformation led by Lewin Wertheimer Architects of Venice, California. Known for their expertise in crafting elegant coastal homes, the talented team tackled the challenge of modernizing the dwelling without expanding its square footage.

The mission: to infuse a contemporary, hip, and comfortable atmosphere while reimagining the exterior to enhance living spaces for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. To initiate this ambitious project, accurate As-Built plans were imperative.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Sections

Worry-Free As-Built Surveys: A Foundation for Seamless Transformations

Leveraging 3D laser scanning technology, our team swiftly conducted a site visit, capturing millions of data points for our drafting team. This non-intrusive, LiDAR technology is particularly advantageous for homes with residents and children because it drastically reduces time and overall footprint throughout the home.

Once the point cloud data underwent rigorous review for accuracy and completeness, it journeyed to our production team for meticulous drafting and quality assurance. The resulting As-Built plans were then delivered to Lewin Wertheimer and his team, marking a crucial milestone in the project’s progression.

“The accuracy of the As-Builts made our job much easier.”

- Lewin Wertheimer, Owner at Lewin Wertheimer Architects

Visualizing the Future: A Collaborative Design Process

Upon receiving the updated As-Built plans, the Lewin Wertheimer team seamlessly transitioned to the next phase of visualizing and designing the space. Working closely with the client and interior designer, Lewin ensured the aesthetics aligned perfectly. Witnessing the project come together to bring joy to the client was Lewin’s greatest satisfaction.

Celebrating Success: Crafting Memorable Spaces

At PPM, the success of our clients is paramount. While our role as surveyors, drafters, and As-Built project managers is vital for a smooth process, our ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing designs come to life and clients delighted with the results. Special thanks to Lewin Wertheimer Architects for sharing this captivating project with us — a testament to the harmonious blend of expertise and creativity in achieving worry-free renovations.