As-Built Plans for a Modern Redondo Beach Remodel

Unlocking the Blueprint of Precision

As-Built Plans for a Modern Redondo Beach Remodel

Unlocking the Blueprint of Precision

When embarking on a remodel project, it’s essential to lay a solid foundation for meticulous planning with accurate building measurement data. As-Built plans serve as the cornerstone, providing architects and developers with the necessary details to bring their visions to life. In this showcase, we delve into a project that highlights the significance of As-Built plans, as shared by three key contributors: the client, PPM’s Quality Assurance Specialist, and PPM’s As-Built Surveyor.

Client’s Vision: Building Their Dream Home

For our client, architect Bryan Winters, the journey began with a homeowner’s dream – the dream of transforming their tired existing home into a modern marvel in Redondo Beach, California. Years of hard-earned savings culminated in the homeowner’s decision to embark on this ambitious project. The question that arose was, “What sparked your interest in taking on this project with the homeowner?” According to Bryan, he was drawn to the project by the unique collaboration opportunity. His clients, who happen to be custom furniture designers and fabricators, shared a common vision of creativity and precision. This alignment of creative minds set the stage for what would become a remarkable venture.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Sections
  • Still Photos

The Role of As-Built Plans: A Custom Blueprint for Success

To turn a dream into reality, precise and comprehensive As-Built plans are indispensable. Bryan believes that the foundation of any large-scale remodel project hinges on two crucial elements: an accurate site survey and a well-documented set of As-Built plans. With this knowledge, he chose to work with professionals who could deliver with precision. His confidence in the expertise of Precision Property Measurements was unwavering.

"Both these pieces of information (an accurate site survey and a well-documented set of As-Built plans) need to be spot on and accurate, or else ours won't be. That's why I trust PPM."

- Bryan Winters, Owner + Architect at humnlab + architecture /

LiDAR Laser Scanner: Capturing the Essence of the Property

To capture the essence of the property, the surveyor plays a pivotal role. They are responsible for gathering data with absolute precision, often utilizing advanced LiDAR technology to create an accurate representation of the property in a point cloud. The choice of equipment is paramount, and in this instance, the surveyor explained their decision.

"For this project, I used the Leica BLK2GO for my scan. The scan provides most of the information needed for most of the plan types we offer in a more accurate way than I can do by hand."

- PPM As-Built Surveyor

Surveying the property unveiled unique aspects of the building that set it apart from others. It had an interesting spiral staircase to a full basement with storm doors. This is not a common sight in California, so the surveyor was impressed by this diverse feature.

However, unique properties often come with their own sets of challenges. In this case, the challenges were met head on. The surveyor elaborated, “The basement was a tight fit with the scanner, so I had to do multiple scans and merge the scans together while double checking them with check measurements.”

Quality Assurance Specialist: Ensuring Accuracy and Excellence

To confirm the accuracy of As-Built plans before delivery, a rigorous analysis of each plan is performed by a PPM Quality Assurance Specialist. This step plays a pivotal role in avoiding mistakes and delays in the construction phase of a remodel, which can be caused by any incorrect measurements. The Quality Assurance Specialist sets the stage for the architectural vision to come to life with confidence. Their responsibility is to ensure that the drafting of every As-Built plan we deliver is accurate and consistent with the data and measurements collected onsite.

We asked the QA Specialist who worked on this project about the most critical aspect of the project to quality check, and the answer was clear: “The roof on this project was very interesting. It was a focal point of the main elevation of the house and thus a key area to get accurate in the drafting process.”

The strategies and techniques employed to guarantee precision are multifaceted. In this case, the specialist shared, “All the survey data was crucial to modeling the property accurately. Making sure the plans align with our point cloud and with the other plan types in the project ensures that we have a top-quality project for the client.” Precision is the name of the game when it comes to data accuracy.

Architecture Creates Forever Homes

In conclusion, this project exemplifies the collaborative efforts of an architect with his clients, in tandem with PPM’s QA Specialist and Surveyor, bringing a dream home to life. As-Built plans are the bedrock in modern remodels, as they help ensure that every detail aligns seamlessly with the project’s vision. With the right blend of expertise, technology, and commitment to excellence, projects like these not only transform spaces but also create lasting impressions of creativity in the world of architecture and design.

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