From Blueprint to Beauty: A Residential Transformation

Using As-Built Plans to Upgrade a Single-Family Home

From Blueprint to Beauty: A Residential Transformation

Using As-Built Plans to Upgrade a Single-Family Home

In the bustling world of architectural design and remodeling, every project is an opportunity to weave creativity into the fabric of a living space. In a recent endeavor led by Nazim Nice, Founding Partner at Motionspace Architecture + Design, smart design was the cornerstone of a captivating remodeling journey.

Project Overview

Located in the serene neighborhood of Auburn, Washington, a two-story residence spanned an impressive 6,600 square feet. The project presented an enticing challenge for Nazim and his team, offering the promise of revitalization for a home with great potential.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Revit Model
  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Still Photos

The Architect's Expertise and the Homeowner's Vision

Nazim took on the opportunity to bring fresh elements to this home. The house boasted a solid brick exterior, yet its interior suffered from dated aesthetics and an awkward layout. Nazim’s keen eye identified the opportunity to enhance visual cohesion and improve functionality within the space.

The dining room was separated from the kitchen by a wall that Nazim decided to have end where the ceiling was vaulted in the adjacent space. They then enclosed the entire wall in cabinetry to hide it. This change achieved the homeowner’s goal of visually connecting the kitchen and dining room without connecting the rooms and resulted in a more visually cohesive design. As-Built documentation was key in achieving this structural modification.

As-Built Plans: The Foundation of a Remodel

The As-Built plans we provided were integral to the success of the project. Nazim emphasized the importance of accurate documentation, particularly in resolving structural issues and revising problematic angles within the house. The comprehensive scope of the plans, including exterior elevations and electrical layouts, facilitated seamless integration with Nazim’s design process.

“PPM was very accommodating to how we specifically work, and our standards in Revit. It made it easy to transition from the as-built phase to the design phase.”

- Nazim Nice, Founding Partner at motionspace architecture + design

On-Site Surveying Expertise

Behind the scenes, PPM’s surveyor employed meticulous techniques to ensure accurate data capture despite inclement weather challenges.

Due to its extensive scope, the project needed to be scanned very slowly with our mobile scanner, so that elements for the Reflected Ceiling Plan were captured with proper detail. The home also needed to be scanned multiple times because of the tight spaces, including the foundation and the attic. Scans for individual spaces are often helpful to ensure accurate scan processing.

Our surveyor used the GeoSLAM Revo, which is best suited for single-family residential homes. It processes quickly on site, which helps our surveyors efficiently verify their measurements while on site.

It is ideal to capture the main living space, both interior and exterior, in one scan. However, because of the rainy weather, our surveyor was cautious to only leave doors open briefly. He got a single exterior scan and combined it with multiple scans capturing the individual floors of the house. He also captured partial exterior elements, then manually merged the scans, all to minimize the time the interior of the home was exposed to the elements. In addition to taking multiple scans, the surveyor had to sketch certain electrical components by hand, since the house was angled with several built-ins.

Overcoming Modeling Challenges in Revit

David Sperry, Revit Coordinator at PPM, tackled the unique modeling challenges presented by the property’s angled structure and complex roof design.

The middle of the property had a 30-degree bend, which made modeling the roof a unique challenge. It had to be pieced together in two separately modeled pieces to get all the specific ridge heights to align properly.

Along with the unique roof shape, this project scope also included some roof framing. David’s expertise in modeling trusses using Revit’s Truss family contributed to the accurate representation of the property’s intricate features.

David Sperry

Revit Coordinator

Precision Property Measurements

Celebrating Success

The collaborative efforts of Nazim, PPM, and the homeowner culminated in the successful transformation of the residence. From resolving structural issues to enhancing visual cohesion, every step of the remodeling journey was assisted by our As-Built plans. As the project nears completion, Nazim and his team looks forward to witnessing the homeowner’s delight in their revitalized living space. To learn more about motionspace architecture + design, visit their site here.