The As-Built Journey of a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

Bringing a Dream Home to Life

The As-Built Journey of a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

Bringing a Dream Home to Life

In the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Kendra Rosenberg, the Principal Designer at KNR Design Studio, embarked on a captivating journey to revitalize a home and transform it into a haven of beauty for a client and his daughter. Specializing in residential architecture, Kendra found herself drawn to this project because it would allow her to weave modern charm into the fabric of a classic farmhouse.

A Vision Preserved: Choosing Remodel Over Demolition

The home, nestled among towering redwood trees, held sentimental value for the client. Opting for a remodel instead of a full demolition, Kendra and her client sought to preserve the existing structure's footprint and robust foundation. The decision was strategic, ensuring the conservation of the beloved backyard redwoods.

As-Built Scope of Work

  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Sections
  • Still Photos

The Blueprint of Success: As-Built Plans by PPM

For Kendra, the success of any remodel project lies in reliable As-Built plans. Precision Property Measurements became a key ally by providing a comprehensive package, including a floor plan, a roof plan, exterior elevations, sections, and still photos. Kendra emphasized the importance of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in the As-Built plans delivered by PPM.

“PPM delivers a reliable, high-quality product every time. When we're doing remodels, their reliability is second to none.”

- Kendra Rosenberg, Principal Designer at KNR Design Studio

The Architect's Perspective: Navigating Challenges with As-Built Plans

Kendra shed light on the critical role of up-to-date As-Built plans in remodeling projects. She explained that starting with reliable plans from the outset prevents potential disasters, saving time, money, and stress for everyone involved, including the architect, property owner, and contractors. She shared her preference for PPM’s detailed As-Built packages, which provide valuable information during the design phase of her remodels.

The As-Built surveyor at PPM used cutting-edge technology, the GeoSLAM ZEB Revo, to capture scans with optimal density for single-family residences. The challenge of incorporating manual perimeter measurements amid trees and bushes against the house was expertly navigated. The surveyor highlighted the efficiency of the process, emphasizing the speed at which the survey was completed due to the use of LiDAR technology.

Behind the Scenes: As-Built Drafting and Modeling

Angelo meticulously employed techniques that ensured accurate representation of the house in AutoCAD. The small property size presented a manageable yet enjoyable challenge, particularly in regards to drafting the roof in elevation view and the roof plan. The art of piecing together the property's features was akin to assembling a puzzle, making the process both engaging and rewarding.

"I used a technique that involves comparing linework against the cloud data. It's important to carefully ensure that each line placed is accurately and consistent throughout the project.”

- Angelo Maldonado, Production Lead & Drafter/Modeler at PPM

Vision and Details as Cornerstones for Success

As Kendra and her client transformed an older house into a breath of fresh air, the reliability of our As-Built plans played a key role in their success. The marriage of Kendra’s design vision and PPM’s meticulous measurement brought the client’s dream to life. To learn more about KNR Design Studio and their work, visit