Professional Residential & Commercial As-Built Surveying in Fort Collins
As-Built Services in Fort Collins

Being the home of Colorado State University and so many popular Colorado breweries, property in Fort Collins can be on the pricier side these days. That’s why it’s so important that you get your next remodeling project off to a great start with an As-Built survey from Precision Property Measurements. Here at PPM, we have a skilled and experienced team of Fort Collins professionals for both residential and commercial clients.

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Why As-Built Surveying is Crucial for Your Home or Business

  • As-Built surveying in Fort Collins involves measuring every inch of your structure in order to create precisely rendered drawings for a renovation project.
  • Because your remodeling project requires quite a few construction phases, an error at the beginning of your build could derail your entire job. Our As-Built surveying will make you aware of the alterations made to your original plan which will allow you to keep your job site safe and avoid going over budget.
  • Here at PPM, we work with local engineers, designers, and architects to optimize your renovation for whatever specifications you need, no matter if it’s large or small scale.

Who We Are

Precision Property Measurements is a team of dedicated service professionals, providing full service building measurement, surveying and CAD drafting services. We specialize in the creation of “As-Built” floor plans, which show the existing conditions and dimensions of a residential or commercial building. Since our founding in 2002, our focus and dedication to providing the highest quality product and service to our clients has resulted in the successful delivery of over 15,000 As-Built projects of all sizes and types.

Fort Collins As-Built Services

Are You Working on a Residential Project?

  • If you have a serious vision for your home, PPM can help you with all of the intricate details. It’s so crucial to start these projects with everything you need to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Our As-Built surveying process prevents delays, unwanted discoveries, and it allows you to cut down on stress by keeping your project on schedule.
  • PPM has well-trained As-Built professionals throughout the Fort Collins area. Our expert staff will answer all of your questions with a passionate commitment to customer service.

Fort Collins Commercial Projects are a Top Priority for PPM

  • Here at PPM, we’ve completed thousands of commercial projects for restaurants, medical facilities, hotels, and tons of different retail locations.
  • One of our most important goals is to help you cut your labor costs by providing your team with the most precise measurements as possible. This will allow you to produce exact information about the number of builders required to finish your renovation.
  • Commercial remodels are often more challenging than residential remodels. This means that completing the work proficiently and in the most exacting manner possible is crucial. This can help your estimated timelines as well as your budget.

Why PPM Should Be Your #1 Pick for As-Built Surveying in Fort Collins

For over ten years, Precision Property Measurements has been recognized for our superior services throughout the nation. We’ve completed over 17,000 different renovation projects and have created a network of more than 75 As-Built surveyors all across the country.

Our use of the most cutting-edge technology, along with our exceptional customer satisfaction, equips PPM to handle various challenging As-Built projects. No matter if you’re trying to complete a residential or commercial build, our services are beyond accurate, dependable, and inexpensive.

So call us today for a free quote, and let PPM assist you with your As-Built surveying needs in Fort Collins!