Remodels of retail interiors start with a great As-Built survey

The More Stores You Survey, The Better You Get.
And We’ve Done Thousands.

Knowing the exact measurements of a retail store interior store is critically important for a retail store renovation. And that’s exactly how we do our As-Built surveys. With precision and attention to detail. A project that specifies the measuring of hundreds of locations adds even more components – organization, communications and constant feedback to ensure that each store is properly surveyed. We also know how to conduct our survey while minimizing the disruption of your business.

At PPM, your dedicated team of surveyors, CAD operators, quality assurance and project managers work in synergy to make sure your fixture design and installation As-Built survey project is conducted with consistency and accuracy.

Trending in Retail Design

Brick and mortar retailers work to curb the online shopping epidemic

Every year more and more people are choosing to shop from their home or wherever they are. Smart brick and mortar retailers are developing in-store experiences that feel more like an outing than a chore to drive return shoppers.

The customer experience is everything

Consumers want an inspiring experience when they visit retail. Interactive displays, great lighting, and sampling are some of the ways retailers are upping their game.

Customization is on the rise

Consumers today don’t want cookie-cutter options. They demand choices that are tailored to their specific needs.

Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Smooth Fixture Design and Installation Begins with Precise As-Built Surveys – Accuracy in Every Measurement.

PPM has conducted As-Built programs supporting fixture design and installation for global brands with kiosks and stores in the U.S. and Canada.