Preventative Medicine For Medical Building Renovations

As-Built Surveys For Medical Offices, Clinics and Hospitals

A medical building is one of the most challenging environments for an As-Built survey. Healthcare providers, patients and their loved ones are constantly moving around. There can be activity at all hours of the day and night. And of course there is a need for absolute privacy in the doctor and patient relationship.

PPM understands the unique challenges that a medical As-Built Survey provides. Our surveying process is as unobtrusive and discreet as possible – respecting all parties in what can be a difficult and emotional environment. At the same time, we make sure that we get our job done right. An accurate, high-quality As-Built survey is the first step in a medical building renovation which will ultimately serve to improve the patient experience and outcomes. We think that’s pretty cool.

Design and Construction Trends of Medical Office Buildings

More Welcoming Interior Design

Medical buildings of the past have often been rightly associated with a cold, unwelcoming feeling. The trend in newer designs is to make the space feel more open, comfortable and welcoming – like home.

Energy Efficiency

A medical building needs a lot of energy to operate with their advanced equipment, specialized lighting, and specific temperature requirements. Most renovation projects are taking advantage of new technologies and materials to increase the energy efficiency of the building.

New Medical Technology

Medical technology is changing all the time, and so buildings need to be equipped to handle these changes. Specialized equipment and digital technologies can create needs for new electrical systems, exam room space planning, ventilation, etc…

Healthcare Organizations We Have Worked With

PPM has completed Medical Office and Hospital As-Built surveys throughout the USA

  • St. Mary’s Hospital
    Long Beach, CA
    (550,000 SF)
  • U.S. Healthworks
    (Over 30 locations
  • BayMark Health Services
    (13 locations
  • Central Medical Plaza
    Glendale, CA
    (70,000 SF)
  • Fair Oaks Medical Center
    (160,000 SF)
  • Encino Medical Center
    Encino, CA
    (80,000 SF)
  • Maclay Healthcare Center
    Sylmar, CA
    (50,000 SF)
  • Riverside Post Acute Care
    Riverside, CA
    (36,000 SF)
  • San Benito Health Foundation
    Hollister, CA
    (18,000 SF)
  • Monterey Care Center
    Rosemead, CA
    (22,000 SF)
  • Bluepearl
    Animal Hospitals
    (3 locations in Florida)