How Accurate do YOUR As-Built Plans need to be?

How Accurate do YOUR As-Built Plans need to be?

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At PPM, Good Enough Is Never Enough

At Precision Property Measurements, most of our clients are architects, designers and facility managers that work on remodel projects. For every new project, one of the first decisions they need to make is how to obtain an accurate set of a As-Built drawings. Many times, there are no existing drawings to start with, and so it is an easy decision to call PPM for a professional As-Built measurement service.

Other times, our client will come across some existing plans, created either by the original design architect, or by a subsequent contractor who worked on the property. When this situation occurs, a choice needs to be made: Use the existing drawings? Or re-measure and make sure the As-Built drawings are accurate? In the last ten years, we have field-checked hundreds of existing As-Built plans for accuracy, with a wide variety of results.

Sometimes, the plans are structurally sound, with only minor dimensional errors to adjust and missing elements to add. Other times, the existing drawings are worthless, and we need to scrap them and start from scratch. Whenever we run across one of these, I can only wonder how often existing plans are assumed to be “good enough” and used without being verified, and what kind of problems this creates. Recently, we had a client confronted with just such a dilemma. The project seemed simple enough, just a redesign of a small backyard. The homeowner was a professional engineer, and he offered to measure the site plan himself to save money on the project. Our client was hesitant but ultimately agreed, not wanting to question the ability of the property owner, and figuring that it would be relatively easy to work around any minor errors.

After completing the design and starting the installation, our client started to notice several problems that were too big to fix on the fly. After several days of frustration, they broke down and called us. PPM visited the property and fixed the As-Built site plan, so that our client was able to move forward with a design that fit the space.

Although the project was back on track, many hours of labor and materials were wasted as a result of this simple, yet critical error. Our client assured us that they would never again try to cut corners by using a questionable As-Built base plan!

When you choose to work with PPM, you can be assured that you will be starting your project with accurate As-Built plans. Whether you have existing plans that just need to be checked, or require a complete re-measurement of your project from scratch, we will make sure that your As-Builts can be relied on, allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best!