Group Photo of PPM Staff celebrating the Company Turning 26


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After 16 Years, PPM has a License to Drive and We’re Planning on Going Places

Each February, you will find the team at PPM celebrating the success of another year in business. We have all heard the stats about how many businesses close their doors each year, so we consider every birthday an achievement worth celebrating!

To plan a successful event, it all starts with choosing the right “theme” for the party. These past few years have offered several fun options to choose from. For celebrating 16, we went with a license to drive theme, and last year was a very festive Quinceañera.

Founder Derek and President Andy

Founder Derek Caldwell (left) proudly stands with President Andy McFarland (right) to celebrate the company’s 15th birthday in 2017.”


PPM’s Employees Are the Engine Producing Great As-Built Surveys

We have had a lot of milestones and memories in 16 years. However, what we are most proud of is the longevity and loyalty of our employees. Each year in business is a testament to the caliber of employees that make the company succeed. Of the 25 employees here at PPM, these four individuals have become solid pillars of the company, with over 10 years of “Busting” to help make PPM succeed.

The four employees at PPM with the longest history working here

Tawny, Colin, Frank, and Mike have all reached 10+ years of service to make PPM great.

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Now that We are 16, We are Ready for a Road Trip

For many teenagers, turning 16 and getting your driver’s license is a very symbolic time for beginning to have a new freedom of mobility.  It’s no different here at PPM.  We recently re-established our Vision for what the Company is planning to become over the next 5-7 years.  We are going to hit the road – with plans to open at least 10 Offices throughout the U.S. by 2025.  We want to bring the same high-quality As-Built plans and great customer service that we provide in California, to architecture communities all across America.  Teenagers aren’t always known for their follow-through, but if things go as planned, we should be ready to open our next office right after we turn 17 next year.