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As-Built Surveying: Why We Do What We Do

Our “Why”

At PPM, we’re passionate about setting architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners across the nation up for success with the very best in As-Built surveying, drafting, and modeling. Whether you prefer to work with 2D drawings or 3D BIM models, As-Built plans are the foundation to your renovation and the all-important very first step. But, at PPM, it’s about so much more.

“Our customers have a lot of things to coordinate to make their renovation projects run smoothly. At PPM we feel a strong responsibility to help our clients get every project off to a great start, by providing consistent, high quality As-Built plans with top-notch customer service. This deep connection with our clients’ success is why we chose “Worry-Free Renovations” as our purpose. Everything we do is all about helping each and every project to be accurate and on-time, so that our customers’ remodel projects can be as worry free as possible” shares PPM President, Andy McFarland.

At PPM, As-Built Surveys aren’t just about delivering a final set of plans…it’s about the care that’s taken every step of the way to ensure our clients are set up for success. We find our own success through providing peace of mind for a smooth remodel, helping to keep your project on time and on budget, and building and supporting strong client relationships.

Why We’re Dedicated to Worry-Free Renovations

To Deliver Peace of Mind for a Worry-Free Remodel Experience

Homeowners, property owners, and architects alike dream of a smooth process when designing their home or commercial space. Ensuring our clients have accurate documentation they need to embark on this journey is critical. Redesigning and personalizing a space should be exciting (and not full of unnecessary stress) for both you and your clients. Being trusted to reimagine a homeowner’s dream home or a blooming business’ commercial space is an honor.

High-quality As-Built plans prepared by experts give you peace of mind that your project will start off and continue on the right path. Worry-Free renovations are best achieved when you have confidence in the quality and integrity of your starting point, so you can move right into the schematic design phase and focus on your clients’ wishes.

To You Can Keep Your Project on Time and on Budget

Accurate As-Built plans carry your project through from start to finish. Every member of your architecture, design, and build teams rely on the accuracy of these measurements to make important decisions. A misstep can quickly turn into a dangerous game of detours if the initial information the team is working from isn’t completely accurate and thorough. Even the smallest mismeasurements can cause hefty, unforeseen extensions to your timeline and your budget.

Imagine you’re a residential architect, and a newlywed couple has hired you to refurbish a complex, aging home they’ve recently purchased. They’re excited to revitalize this once-charming, two-story home with large picture windows into a modern, minimalist dream space. The home is large, and therefore a heavy task. You and your team survey using hand-held lasers, tape measures, and sketch pads followed by hours of drafting. You complete the drawings and confidently begin working on the design and list of materials to present to your clients. They love the work you’ve proposed, and you begin scheduling construction and order the necessary supplies. Since the home will be entirely gutted, the couple plans to stay with family during renovations.

Midway through construction, installation tells you there was a mismeasurement of the kitchen, and the custom-made cabinetry doesn’t fit into the space as planned. You conclude that this will cause a three-week delay as you wait for a portion of the custom cabinetry to be resized and installed. You feel a sense of impending doom thinking of you’ll present this news to your client. You also realize the cabinet cost of $4,500 is yours to eat on a project where margins are already slim.

The couple is frustrated but copes with the inconvenience and extends their stay with family and at a hotel. Later, you come to find that the mistake was due to writing a measurement down incorrectly on your sketch.

Unfortunately, we hear far too many stories like this from clients who are excited to have an expert eye take over the As-Built surveying process. This scenario and several other complications can be avoided by using a team of experts who focus on ensuring your As-Built plans are accurate from the start. Supporting our AEC and homeowner clients, so you can avoid frustrating mistakes, is why we love what we do. For these newlyweds, the memory of making their first home together and having a great experience with their architect should be a great memory. Because PPM specializes in As-Built Surveying, our tried-and-true process and stringent quality assurance ensures every set of plans is ready for important decision making.

To Build and Support Strong Client Relationships

The driving force behind PPM’s purpose of “Worry-Free Renovations” is our sense of responsibility to our clients and our clients’ clients. We have a vested interest in your success. We know your clients have entrusted you on a major endeavor and their expectations are high. A remodel is also an emotional and costly investment for many people. We take pride in providing Gold Star service to support your incredibly important client relationships.

Accurate As-Built plans keep projects running smooth and help drive referrals – building business for years to come! From proposals to site visits, you can expect caring and professional interactions between your clients and our team. We’re not just partners in your remodel. We’re advocates for you and your business.

To Sum It Up…

President Andy McFarland and Production Drafter David Sperry reviewing As-Built plans.

At PPM, we love supporting your remodel projects, and giving you the best shot at a smooth renovation with Worry-Free As-Built plans you can trust through every step of your project. We believe this is possible by helping you keep your project on time and on budget with complete accuracy, giving you peace of mind for a smooth remodel, and building and supporting strong client relationships.

For over 20 years and on more than 22,000 projects, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners across the U.S. And we look forward to supporting Worry-Free renovations for years to come with the very best service and technology. Our promise to you is Worry-Free As-Built plans backed by accuracy, timeliness, and dedicated communication every step of the way.

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Archicad As-Built Models

PPM now offering Archicad As-Built Models

A New BIM Deliverable to Support your Residential Remodel Projects

If you’re an architect specializing in residential remodels, and you love collaborating and designing in intuitive, easy-to-use BIM software, our newest service offering has launched with you in mind! PPM is proud to announce Archicad as our latest residential As-Built deliverable! While we’ll continue offering Revit, this software addition gives you and your team versatility no matter your BIM preference. We know this isn’t the great Coke versus Pepsi debate, but we don’t want to be that lunch spot that makes you sip your second choice. We care about your preferences and are happy to stock two great BIM options brought to you by popular demand! Whether you prefer the simple and intuitive Archicad or the robust capabilities of Revit, you can now choose your 3D As-Built model that best meets your needs.

19 years ago, we entered into business to help architects ensure their As-Built plans were accurate, precise, and truly Worry Free prior to every remodel. Our objective was and still is to provide peace of mind knowing everyone working from the plans (architects, contractors, etc.) can make important decisions based on accurate measurements. Since 2002, we’ve evolved from the years of hand measuring, sketching, and AutoCAD drafting to adopting technology that would bring a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and versatility to our clients. In 2017 we introduced 3D laser scanning, in 2019 we introduced 3D Revit (BIM) modeling to our services, and today, we’re thrilled to announce Archicad!

The PPM Approach to Launching Archicad

We know that being a great partner means listening closely to our clients’ needs. A few months ago, we surveyed a sample of our recurring architects to get a better idea of the remodel software they use and to learn how we can provide more value. Through the generous feedback, we learned there’s a growing adoption of Archicad in the architectural community. This insight set our team on a mission to bring Archicad As-Built BIM models to our portfolio of services.

Revit expert, Blake Newey, of our Salt Lake City Production office spearheaded the initiative. He researched, took endless hours of coursework, and worked closely with a residential architect who works heavily in Archicad to design a product that is most useful to the architecture market. Along with his team, Blake has set processes and standards for modeling in this new platform, and we are thrilled to bring this offering to market today!

“Our main objective in this launch was to make sure all of our models meet the standards that clients have come to expect from all PPM deliverables. We wanted to ensure we met the needs of every client, and bringing ArchiCAD on board gives us another opportunity to provide Gold Standard service to even more clients. shares Newey.


Two BIM As-Built Options To Fit Your Preferences

Here’s The Scoop on Archicad vs. Revit

If you’re new to Archicad and curious how it differs from Revit, or you work in AutoCAD, but are interested in BIM in general, this will give you a little insight into the different features Archicad and Revit provide to help you make the best decision for your project.

Archicad by GraphisoftRevit by Autodesk
Conceptual DesignArchicad takes a simple, push/pull modeling approach to get to the mass form/conceptual design. Simpler and easier to master than Revit, it has all of the features an architect needs: push/pull modeling, instant and customizable geometry, and a smart multiple extrusion tool. It offers a more intuitive approach to the conceptual design phase.Preferred for complex models. Can connect different files into one, large complex file. Allows you to create conceptual masses and adaptive geometries that then integrate into the project environment. The different components or “families” as they’re called in Revit are nested into the BIM project environment where you can manipulate projects into parametric components or sub-components.
VisualizationWide range of capabilities with a suite of visual styles. Lacks the ability to customize specific elements the way Revit does. Ability to fine tune visualizations and ability to change an exact line. Can make changes on a global level or view-specific level. Overall, offers a wider range of control and manipulation capabilities.
Rendering (same for both software)Powerful rendering engine. Photo-realistic renderings for interior and exterior. Wide range of tools for fine-tuning.Powerful rendering engine. Photo-realistic renderings for interior and exterior. Wide range of tools for fine-tuning.
MEP and ConstructionCan use the easy-to-use MEP Modeler Add-On that allows for creation and coordination of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic networks within the building design. This Add-On integrates well with standard software.Wide set of tools for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and construction professionals including design tools for HVAC, electrical and plumbing design, as well as the entirety of digital products that are able to create complex layouts and models as well as generating supporting documents.
PluginsCinerender and Grasshopper are powerful plugins that give Archicad the edge it needs to compete with Revit.Can utilize plugins, but Revit has more built-in capabilities than ArchiCAD.

Most BIM users who have experience with  both programs agree that Archicad tends to be more intuitive and user-friendly with plugins to extend its capabilities, while Revit is a more robust, yet more complex offering more capabilities without additional plugins (albeit the extended learning curve). Like any competitive software, we know our clients have set preferences, and we’re thrilled to offer the versatility your team needs to begin working with our files from the time of delivery.

We look forward to serving more architects in more efficient ways in the coming years with new service offerings. Have suggestions? Let your voice be heard. You can share your ideas here.

And, as always, quotes are quick and easy through our online quote request web form – now with an option for Archicad!

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About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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What Is An As-Built Survey?

What is an As-Built Survey?

The Most Critical Part of your Remodel That You’ve Never Heard Of.

It happens all the time, even after 19+ years in business.  Someone asks me “What do you do for work?”, and I tell them that PPM provides As-Built surveys to architects and other design and construction professionals.  Unless I’m talking to someone in the industry, the next question is almost always “What is an As-Built survey?” Now I get a chance to once again practice the response that I have carefully refined over hundreds of conversations:  “We measure the inside and outside of a building with very accurate lasers, and then create a drawing which shows the exact dimensions and layout of the building.  That’s an As-Built survey.”  At this point when I have finished this basic explanation, I have found there is an approximate 50/50 chance that the person will either want to ask more questions about the lasers, or change the subject.


Frank scanning home with a Zeb-Revo Scanner

The hand-held Zeb-Revo scanner, made by GeoSLAM, is used to collect the most accurate level of data from each survey.

“I Have These Old Drawings of my Building – Are They As-Builts?”

Most people have seen blueprints of a building at one time or another.  A typical blueprint is a design drawing, which shows the intended or proposed layout of the building.  An As-Built drawing, as the name suggests, shows the current layout of the building “as it was built”.  As-Builts do not deal with the hypothetical but instead with the actual.  This is a critical distinction, because a constructed building almost never corresponds exactly to the original design drawings. For this reason, when starting a new remodel project on a residential or commercial building, the architect will almost always create or commission an As-Built survey, rather than trying to rely on existing building plans. Discovering an error on the plans that can result in additional costs or delays to the project is just too big of a risk to take.


An As-Built By Any Other Name Is Still An As-Built

The architectural and construction industries are continuing to settle on the term “As-Built” to describe the process and the resulting plans that come from measuring an existing building.  But at PPM we have found that there are still several different terms and spellings used when referring to As-Built drawings.  These include:

  • Site Survey
  • Existing Conditions Drawings
  • Record Drawings
  • Measured Drawings
  • Asbuilt (Asbuilt Drawings, Asbuilt Plans, Asbuilt Survey, etc..)
  • As-Build or Asbuild (Drawings, Plans, Survey, etc…)


Lead Surveyor Frank steps into home to measure for As-Builts for a successful Remodel

We are your trusted professional resource for assisting with a successful start to any remodel project.

What Is An As-Built Survey? It’s What We Do!

19 years ago, I was probably one of those people that would have changed the subject if someone starting talking about As-Built surveys.  Now, they are how I and the other 50+ people here at PPM make our living.  Helping our clients, and their clients, to have a Worry Free renovation experience using PPM’s As-Built plans is the Purpose that drives us each day.  To me, the value of good As-Built drawings is self-evident:  It’s why architects and other industry professionals keep calling PPM to help them get a great start on their remodel projects.

Give us a call today if you are interested in A Better Plan for your As-Builts.

Preparing for a remodel, historic preservation, or addition to a building?

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About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Image of 3D laser scanner capturing point cloud data in a residential living room during an As-Built survey site visit.
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Residential As-Built Survey Site Visit: How to Prepare

Preparing for your Residential As-Built Survey Site Visit

If you’re preparing for your residential As-Built Survey site visit, you’re more than likely preparing your home for a remodel or addition. Congratulations on this special endeavor to enhance the space you’re living in! As your architect or designer likely told you, accurate and up-to-date As-Built plans are incredibly important to the success of your remodel or addition. Our team of expert surveyors, drafters, and modelers take them very seriously. Ensuring your plans are precise and every contractor is working with correct dimensions helps keep your budget in place and your project on time. PPM’s goal is to set you and your architect up for success and it all starts with a site visit to gather up-to-date measurements.

How we Capture Data During a Site Visit

Today’s technology helps us move through your home quickly. We use a 3D laser scanner to ensure we provide the most accurate As-Built plans while taking up far less of your time to acquire the data we need. Our laser scanners capture millions of data points in the form of a point cloud – used by our drafting team to prepare your As-Built drawings off site, so we can minimize our time in your home and give you back your space as quickly as possible!

Preparing your Home for the Surveying Process

We know your home is your sanctuary and our goal is to help you feel comfortable and at ease while we’re in it. There are a few things we’d like you to know before we arrive that will help your surveyor work quickly and efficiently through the surveying process.

1. Our Time on Site

It’s typical for a building survey project to take 3 to 4 hours. The laser scanning portion of our survey usually lasts about 30 minutes. You can expect the rest of the time to account for preparation of the space for scanning, photos (still photos, 3D photos, and those needed for 3D tours), processing of the data on site to ensure we’ve captured all necessary info, and tear down. We may need to take a few manual measurements in hard-to-reach places.

2. Furniture and Boxes

We know this is a living space. Don’t worry about boxes and furniture. Rooms do not need to be cleared, however, it is helpful if our surveyors are able to walk into each room and reach all walls and windows.

3. Site Contact and Access

Whether we’ve set up this appointment with you or a family member, it’s important to ensure your Project Manager has the full name, phone number, and email of the site contact for the day of our scan. Please be sure your site contact has a full set of keys and that all keys have been tested to ensure full access to every room and door in the home or building. Any doors that we are unable to access will have to be excluded from the scan. In residential homes, this isn’t typically an issue, but we want to let you know.

4. Doors and Gates

Ideally, doors and gates will remain open throughout the scanning process including the entrance and exit to the home. As-Built scans yield the best results when our surveyor can perform them in one swift movement without having to pause and open entryways. Please let us know if this is not possible. Upon completion, the surveyor will be sure to close cabinets, doors, and gates and return the property to its original condition.

5. Cabinets and Doors

The surveyor may need to prop open some cabinet doors prior to scanning to capture the wall behind them. If this is necessary, doors will need to remain open in the same position during the scan to avoid any issues. Your surveyor will ensure everything is closed up once they are finished.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors can cause a “reflection” challenge for laser scanners. The surveyor will assess the mirrors in the building before they scan and may need to cover them with paper or turn them to ensure the laser scan data renders accurately. If your surveyor covers up mirrors with butcher paper, please leave them covered until the scan portion of the visit is complete.

7. Small Children and Pets

Please let your surveyor know if there are small children or pets in the home, so we can ensure their safety while all doors are open. In some situations, it may be best to put pets in a small bedroom and close the door. The surveyor may be able to manually measure or do a second scan to capture this area separately.

8. Minimizing Movement

Please ensure no other work will be performed on the day of our site visit (i.e. cleaning, moving, painting). It is necessary to minimize movement during the scan as much as possible. In the case that our surveyor enters the room you are in during the scan, the best thing to do is stand in place. Avoid scurrying to another room or any movement as this can confuse our scanner in the process.

9. Sprinkler Systems

In most cases, we will need to scan the perimeter of the building. Please ensure any sprinkler systems will be turned off for the duration of the site visit.

10. Roof and Foundation Access

Our surveyors are equipped with a 15-foot ladder. If we are providing exterior elevations or a roof plan, it is key for our site contact to communicate if we’ll need a taller ladder. If foundation or framing plans are included in your request, please ensure there is access to those spaces.

11. Manual Measurements and Photographs

Our surveyors may take some manual measurements in hard-to-reach places as well. We also snap lots of photos which are used by our team as well as your architect. Our drafters and quality assurance team use them in the drafting and review process. They are then sent to your architect as part of the deliverable package and are used for design and production purposes. Once the scan is complete and we’ve ensured we have all of the data we need, we’ll be on our way.

Thank you for learning more about our residential As-Built Survey site visit process!

Now, you’re ready for your site visit! We look forward to kicking off your remodel project with Worry-Free As-Built surveys your architecture, design, and construction teams can trust to start your project off great. We appreciate your assistance, cooperation, and consideration in this process and look forward to meeting you. Please let us know if you have any further questions. You can email or call your project manager directly or contact us at [email protected] or 855-272-8458. Thank you for allowing PPM to be a part of your remodel project.

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Meet Eamon Pickard: Seattle Regional Director

PPM Profiled: Meet Eamon Pickard
Seattle Regional Director

For many months now, our team has been carefully planning the July 2021 launch of our newest Seattle office and looking forwarding to providing the best in As-Built Surveying services to the local architecture community. At PPM, great team members are vital to our success, and more importantly, the success of our clients. Therefore, finding just the right person to lead our Pacific Northwest office has been the most important and thrilling piece of the expansion puzzle! Today, we are proud to introduce you to our Seattle Regional Director, Eamon Pickard!

Read on to learn more about Eamon, how he landed in Seattle, his architectural background, why he’s the best person to lead our newest office, and his favorite Seattle hangouts when he’s not busy surveying buildings and managing projects for our clients.


Before we dive into your AEC work experience, where did you grow up and what brought you to Seattle?

“I grew up in a small town an hour north of New York City. I eventually went to college in NYC and continued to work and live in Manhattan thereafter. About four years ago, I briefly moved to Seattle for about six months and enjoyed my time, but an opportunity led me to leave Seattle. Although I moved away, the city drew me back. I love the combination of nature and urban life. It’s one of the few cities in the U.S. with rich green outdoors and mountains only minutes from Downtown. Coming from a pure concrete jungle like NYC, I appreciate that balance.”


What is your experience in the AEC industry?

“I went to college in NYC pursuing a Masters in Physics, but I started my career at an architecture and engineering firm. I always wanted to build my own home, so after college, I was reintroduced to an old family friend who was an architect. He just so happened to be looking to hire someone in his firm. He taught me the basics of architecture and 3D modeling. I soon fell in love with the work and couldn’t put it down. I moved on to become a junior drafter and worked towards project management at the firm. I eventually went into construction as an estimator and project manager for both new construction and reconstruction.

During my time there, we had engaged in finding alternative housing options for clients. We considered yurts, which were basically a nomadic Mongolian hut. After making some connections, I decided to travel to Mongolia to find manufacturers. My time in Mongolia led me down an interesting path developing intracity transportation in the capital city. I then worked for a private equity firm upon my return to the states and received an unexpected education in financial training.

Looking back, all of my experiences combined have provided a great foundation for my new role at PPM with a well-rounded understanding of the AEC industry as well as experience in project management, drafting, and the financial aspects of running an office. I’m fascinated by how much goes into architecture. It has so many complex pieces that somehow fit together. I’m looking forward to working closely with architects to ensure they have the most accurate set of As-Built plans to kick-start their remodels.”


Of all the things you learned working at your first architecture firm, what was the most important?

“My mentor was very articulate in his training. He taught me how every line counts in architecture and that it’s vital that you express a drawing precisely as it is. He would explain it as if I were a doctor and that every stitch or every cut could make or change a life.”


How will you be supporting our Seattle metro clients?

“I’ll be managing all Seattle area projects ensuring our clients receive their As-Built plans with accuracy, timeliness, and strong communication. I’ll be working closely with our clients all the way from the proposal stage to final delivery, ensuring they receive deliverables drafted to their preferences and scope of work. I’ll also be handling much of the laser scanning and site visits. While I’ll be capturing the point cloud and other site data, our Production team will handle all drafting, modeling, and quality assurance through our CAD/BIM office in Salt Lake City. Our main goal is to support Seattle-area architects, designers and property owners with Worry-Free As-Built plans they can count on to ensure their remodel runs smoothly.”


What areas of Washington will you cover?

“We’ll be serving clients in areas around Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, and other surrounding cities all the way to the west coast. We’ll be focused mainly on the western side of the state, but as far east as Skykomish…possibly further depending on the project.”


What are you most excited about in your new role as Regional Director in regard to supporting our clients?

“I am a huge advocate of supporting people and their dreams. Helping create a PPM branch in Washington and helping to bring people’s ambitions to reality is very exciting. I feel that everything in my career has prepared me to lead this region.”


What are you most excited about in coming onboard with the PPM team?

“I’m thrilled and eager to work alongside the PPM team. The most exciting aspect is the community culture they have created within the company. My whole experience with PPM so far has shown only good things. The team is driven and very professional, but at the same time, very fun and personable.”


What would you like to learn or develop in this role?

“I’m excited to work with architecture firms in the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to the new experience and knowledge this will bring. I’m also happy to hone my project management skills and drive the success of our newest office.”


All right, work aside, we have a just a few more questions to get to know you better!

What is one thing people wouldn’t guess about you?

“I whistle as well as the birds in Disney movies.” (If you see Eamon on site, make sure to ask him to whistle his favorite tune!)

How do you like to spend your time off?

“Most of my time is spent rock climbing, camping, or spending time with the people I care about most.”

What’s your favorite thing about Seattle?

“Seattle is a true gem of a city. It’s ability to be so green and luscious while being a major metropolis is an incredible feat. I can stare out the window every day and feel nature.”

Do you have a favorite Seattle neighborhood?

“So far, my favorite neighborhood is First Hill – spectacular views of all parts of southern Seattle and Rainier.”

In your opinion, where’s the best cup of coffee in Seattle?

“I love going to Tougo. It’s in First Hill’s Yesler Terrace Park. The owner is extremely friendly, and the area is so nice to just sit down and sip coffee.”

If you’re preparing for a remodel project in Seattle, Eamon and our team of seasoned As-Built professionals would love to help ensure your As-Built plans are up to date and ready for your project’s success. We’re currently accepting As-Built Surveying projects in the Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and western Washington areas.

Here’s how you can get in touch!

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Case Study: As-Built Surveys for a Nationwide Quick Service Restaurant Chain

Swiftly Tackling A Time Sensitive, 550-Location As-Built Survey Program

How One QSR Brand Prepared for a Nationwide Remodel in Record Time

When a large quick service restaurant chain wanted to remodel 550 locations in a year, they chose PPM as their As-Built partner. By quickly understanding their needs, adapting to their preferred communication rhythm, and deploying our nationwide network of surveyors, we were able to deliver all their plans on time and within budget.

We first heard from our new client in June of 2017. They were on the hunt for a reputable As-Built partner to capture all physical store information needed to prepare for upcoming strategic initiatives. We worked with several members of their internal architecture and construction teams over the next month to determine, prioritize, and document their requirements for this project.

The company needed accurate As-Built plans of all of their restaurants for two primary business initiatives.

Two Primary Goals:

1. Remodel to Expand Carryout Capacity

They were looking to remodel their kitchens to expand capacity for preparing carryout and catering orders. As part of this initiative, an update to the area used for their digital ordering system was also required.

2. Gain Knowledge Gain Knowledge of Store Plan Layout for Planning

The client wanted a comprehensive update of their physical store information for facilities management and other future store planning projects.

As-Builts Delivered

Based on their needs, we worked with the client to develop a detailed scope of work. The architectural As-Builts included a detailed Floor Plan with Kitchen Layout, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, and Electrical Plan. At their request, we provided an electrical line diagram as well (which included tracing and mapping of their panel schedule to show the connections between each individual outlet to the corresponding circuit on the panel). For photography, we provided both still photos as well as a 360-degree “Virtual Walkthrough” of each location using the Matterport platform.

About 6 weeks into these discussions, our client gained confidence and trust in PPM’s capabilities and decided to test us with an initial batch of 33 locations across California, Colorado, and Texas. They wanted the surveys completed in 10 weeks, between August and October of 2017, so we developed a schedule to meet their deadline. The schedule allowed room for several rounds of feedback on the Deliverables to guarantee the final product was exactly what our client needed.

The company was very impressed with our ability to deliver on schedule, as well as our service, communication, and extremely precise As-Built drawings. After further internal planning through the end of the year, they awarded us 334 locations in January of 2018, and we were off to work.


PPM Continental Clients Map

PPM surveying a total of 542 locations for the client, all over the United States. The Multi-Site As-Built program took a total of four months.

Our Multi-Site As-Built Survey Process

For a High Volume, Nationwide As-Built Program

Our first order of business was to create a program schedule. We were provided the list of 334 locations all over the country and a deadline of June 15th to deliver all surveys. With a few weeks of time to ramp up, this meant we would need to average about 20 completed surveys per week. Within this 4-month program, the client had different deadlines for the six geographic regions in which the stores were located – a challenge our seasoned Multi-Site program manager was easily able to organize. The client allowed us to determine the specific order and schedule to meet the deadlines, which was extremely helpful as it enabled us to group the surveys together by location and proximity, allowing for more efficient travel and the flexibility to work with each surveyor on a schedule that best fit their availability.

Second, we put together the best resources to fit this Multi-Site program. This required field surveyors, drafters, QA staff, and dedicated project management team. Over the course of the program, there would be as many as 50 different people that worked on the surveys in one capacity or another. In addition to human resources, we also had to make sure that we had the specialized equipment needed to perform the survey at every location. This included surveying tools, Matterport cameras, and electrical testing gear.

Finally, we had to develop a scalable and repeatable process that would consistently deliver a high-quality As-Built product that met the client’s exact specifications for every location. We had already worked out most of the process in the pilot round of 33 locations, but now with a higher overall volume and weekly output, we had to tighten things up even more.

For faster and more detailed data collection, we used a 3D laser scanner on approximately half of the locations while the resulting “point cloud” data that we captured was converted into highly accurate As-Built plans by our CAD teams. For the second half of the restaurants, our professional survey crews used laser distance meters and laptop computers onsite to capture, record, and draw the As-Builts plans.

Prior to delivery to the client, every plan was extensively reviewed by our QA team in Long Beach. They compared each plan to the digital photography to make sure nothing was missing or drawn inaccurately. The final step was to place the drawings into the client’s CAD template and make sure we met all of their specific standards and preferences.

All of this planning and teamwork paid off – we were able to deliver all 334 surveys before the requested deadlines. Our client rewarded our strong performance by giving us another batch of 175 locations in early July. This batch came with a September 28th deadline, which meant that we would once again need to maintain a delivery pace of about 17 locations per week. We streamlined a few more parts of the process including field scheduling and QA, and once again delivered all of the surveys on-time and to the client’s exact standards.


Challenges are an Opportunity to Provide Great Service

Even a single As-Built survey can run into unexpected challenges. When you’re surveying 500+ locations, you better be prepared for a few surprises, changes, and other potential obstacles. This case was no exception.

Challenge 1: Ambitious Timelines

The first challenge was the aggressive program timeline. We didn’t know how many locations we would receive and what the deadline would be until the day it arrived in my email. The timeline was so important to our client that we wanted to be 100% certain we would be able to meet every deadline. This commitment to timeliness was so critical that it actually caused us to make the difficult decision to turn down an additional 30 locations in the final batch. When we crunched the numbers, we realized that we just couldn’t make it work within the deadline, so we stuck with 175 locations. Our client was very pleased that we were honest about our capabilities and didn’t over-promise.

This program required that we meet a consistently high pace, often approaching 20-25 deliveries per week, with a highly detailed, labor-intensive scope of work. Because we didn’t want the process to come down to the wire, we front-loaded the schedule with field surveys, which allowed more time for our quality assurance team to inspect everything and make any necessary revisions before the requested deadline.

The additional resources that the program required, both employees and vendors, were also a major challenge. With this number of people, we created custom project management tools to make sure the status of every location was tracked. Work segments were clearly assigned, and the client was always updated with the survey status of each location.

Challenge 2: Undisruptive Process

Another challenge was working in the restaurant environment. Our client’s stores got really busy around 11:30 AM and stayed busy for most of the day. Because of this, we had to complete the surveys before business hours. Typically, we would start around 3 or 4 AM to eliminate interference with their customer service and finish up most of the interior work before their doors opened.

As a result, we were successfully able to deliver all locations on time with a minimum amount of business disruption.

PPM Team

The PPM team reviews an As-Built survey prior to delivery to the client.

Results for Our Client are Our #1 Priority

PPM is incredibly proud to have been a part of this strategic initiative for our client.  By delivering all As-Built surveys on-time and with the exact information required, we were able to help them keep their kitchen remodel program right on track.

The Director of Architecture of the company agreed, saying: “Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence in delivering accurate and complete data. I appreciate your honesty and your desire to not compromise your company’s integrity. We are thankful for you and your team’s continued diligence as we complete this very important project.”

Planning a Remodel or Expansion?

With a national footprint, a seasoned team of surveyors and drafters, and expertise in large-scale project management, PPM is ready to tackle the thorniest of multi-site jobs.

Do you have an upcoming Multi-Site remodel, expansion, or rebranding we can assist with?

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PPM’s Newest Office Launching in Seattle July 2021

PPM is Seattle bound! We’re excited to announce all-new As-Built Surveying Services coming to Seattle July 2021

If you’re an architect, designer, or construction professional in Seattle, we look forward to being of service as we launch our newest regional office and provide precision As-Built Surveying resources to The Emerald City! This means all new field measurement resources to support remodel projects including 3D laser scanning, CAD drafting, and BIM modeling – all to get your remodel projects off to a great start while freeing up your valuable time for design and production. Read on to get the scoop on why we chose Seattle as our newest hub and what we look forward to bringing to the AEC community of the Pacific Northwest.

If you haven’t worked with PPM in the past, here’s a bit about us we think you’d like to know.
For more than 19 years, PPM has been providing As-Built Surveying services for the AEC community in three major markets – Los Angeles serving all of Southern California, the Bay Area serving all of Northern California, and Washington, D.C. serving the Mid-Atlantic region. We also survey and draft large-scale As-Built projects on a national level and Multi-Site national programs for retail brands. While we often serve the Seattle area, our resources have not historically been as vast as they’re about to be!

A Q&A with our President Andy McFarland on all-new As-Built Survey services in the Pacific Northwest

What about Seattle’s architectural community led you to choose this Pacific Northwest region?

Andy: We chose Seattle as PPM’s next regional office for a variety of reasons. First, we have seen a lot of interest in our services for many years from the local architecture community there. Seattle is one of our highest regions in the country for website traffic and As-Built quote requests which tells us there is a great need and we have an opportunity to make a big difference for architects there. As a result of these requests, we’ve been fortunate to develop lots of great connections with AEC firms in the area and look forward to deepening and expanding those relationships. Second, the demographics of the Seattle area in terms of population, incomes and home values are all very similar to our existing regions in California and Washington, D.C. We believe these conditions will lead to a similar demand for the professional, high quality As-Built surveys that PPM provides and big benefits for the AEC community. Finally, Seattle is just a really cool place to live, work, and visit! Not coincidentally, there is no shortage of PPM employees that are volunteering to help with our Seattle launch.

What will this new regional office mean for the AEC community in Seattle and surrounding areas?

Andy: Architects, engineers, and construction professionals choose to work with PPM because we offer a consistently high-quality As-Built product, along with unmatched customer service and a stringent process that they can rely on for all of their remodel projects. Our goal is to streamline the process, making it quick, easy and affordable to obtain the existing conditions CAD or BIM drawings that you need to get your projects started on the right track. We like to call this a “Worry Free” As-Built survey.

What are you most excited to offer architects, designers, and construction professionals in the Seattle area?

Andy: We survey all types of buildings, but our specialty is Single-Family homes. Over our 19 years in business, we have surveyed over 8,000 residential properties. I’m excited to deliver a streamlined process that is fast and affordable and ensures incredibly accurate. We offer a level of expertise and service in the SFR remodel market that architects won’t find anywhere else.

How will services be different when the new office opens in comparison to what PPM currently offers in the Seattle metro area?

Andy: Although we have been completing As-Built surveying projects in the Seattle area for more than a decade, we will be able to greatly increase our services by opening a permanent regional office in the area. We will have dedicated local staff to offer quick assistance with proposals, project management, and on-site field measurements. In addition, with this office, we’ll be bringing our 3D laser scanning technology to the Seattle market. This means faster turn-around, heightened accuracy, and more 3D As-Built options, such as Revit models.

What cities around Seattle will PPM serve?

Andy: Our typical service area is about a 100-mile radius from our office. So, in Seattle we will cover all of the surrounding cities including Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent, Everett, Renton, and more. We will travel as far as Portland or Spokane as needed.

When does PPM plan to open the new office and when will new As-Built Surveying services be available?

Andy: We have just begun the recruiting process to find a Regional Director to lead our Seattle office. We plan to make a hire in April, and then officially open the office in July after a few months of training. But in the meantime, we are offering our As-Built services in the Seattle area now! We have several local survey contractors that we work with, and we are also traveling to Seattle regularly from our California offices to handle projects in the area.

Who will lead the Seattle office?

Andy: We are looking for a dynamic, energetic and positive leader to head up our Seattle Office. Extensive experience in the architecture industry is required, as well as strong communication, customer service, and project management skills. Someone who is motivated to grow the region, lead a team, and provide great service. Know anybody that might be interested? Please encourage them to apply here!

While PPM is excited to bring more technology and capabilities to the Seattle area, we will continue to serve the region with our surveyor network. To receive a quote on your next remodel, addition, or preservation project, visit us here. For general questions, please call 1-855-AS-BUILT or send us a message here.


To stay informed about our upcoming launch and the arrival of new services, fill out the form below.

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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4 Ways 3D Laser Scanning Is Changing Your As-Built Customer Experience

3D Laser As-Built Surveying in the Information Age

At PPM, we work closely with architects throughout the country and know the demands of the job. We get it. You’re busy, you’re under a deadline, you need the most accurate As-Built survey possible, and you want it to be completely “Worry Free.” Believe us. We’ve been in the business for over 18 years now, and we understand what you need in an As-Built survey whether you’re starting a home remodel, moving your business to a new location, or renovating the guest rooms at a large hotel.

It’s this understanding of our customers’ needs that has been one of the primary catalysts for the adoption of 3D laser scanning into our As-Built surveying process. For the first 14 years in business, we did everything manually with tape measures, laser distance meters, sketching boards, and good old-fashioned problem solving. But within the last couple of years, as this technology has developed, we decided that laser scanning is the best way to enhance your As-Built surveying customer experience. How are these handy 3D laser scanning gadgets helping us help you? Let’s dive into it.

1. Decreased Time On Site, So You Can Get Back To Your Day

3D laser scanners have dramatically reduced the amount of time that our surveyors need at the job site to capture all the necessary As-Built information. Take the example of a typical 2,500 square foot single family home – the type of project we survey just about every day at PPM. It used to take one of our surveyors around 5-7 hours to gather all the measurements and information we needed for this type of project. That’s an entire day of us at you or your client’s residence, measuring every inch of the building. If you’ve ever had workers inside your house for an entire day, you know that this can be somewhat obtrusive and often requires you to plan your entire day around the worker’s schedule.
Now, with 3D laser scanning, we’ve cut our time in the field dramatically. A project that used to take us about 7 hours in the field only a couple of years ago, today takes maybe 1 to 2 hours (for a typical residence or small commercial building) using a laser scanner. This means that we can get in, get what we need, and get out before you or your client even figures out what they are having for lunch. You can get on with your busy schedule, or just relax in your house without a stranger hanging out all day. Although, I do think we make pretty decent house guests.



On location with one of our 3D scanning specialists. Our laser scanners work well in both small and large spaces.

2. Millions of Data Points = We Can Accommodate Any Request

Another big advantage of using a 3D laser scanner for As-Built surveying is the amount of information that is gathered. Before laser scanners, we had to pick and choose the measurements we would take and the information we could capture based on the scope of work requested by our client. If our client wanted an As-Built floor plan and reflected ceiling plan (RCP), we would only gather enough data to complete these 2 plan types. Now with the laser scanner we can digitally capture everything visible in your house or building with incredible precision. This means we know where every wall, window, door, ceiling beam, light fixture, cabinet, and piece of furniture is located in the building.

This information gathered from your property by the 3D laser scanner contains millions of data points that we use to create your finished As-Built deliverables. The big advantage for our customers in capturing all this data is the flexibility that it provides if more information is needed. For example, what if our customer decided after the field visit that in addition to the floor plan and RCP, they need some interior elevations and a section drawing? Previously we would have had to return to the building to take additional measurements – requiring additional time to schedule a second field visit, and an additional inconvenience to the property owner. With laser scanners, we already have all of the data we need to create these additional As-Built plans, so we are able to accommodate these change order requests quickly and keep the project moving. It’s what we do best!


Roof Top View By 3D Scanner

Our 3D Laser Scanning team can produce As-Built surveys of a variety of different building types.

3. Complicated Structures are Now a Breeze

It’s hard to overstate how much more precise our AutoCAD and Revit deliverables are now that we use 3D laser scanners. We have always been extremely accurate, recording individual measurements to the fraction of an inch and employing multiple redundancies and other As-Built best practices to ensure a quality product. But, to be honest with you, there’s just no equating what can be done with tape measures and simple electronic measuring tools compared to what we can do with 3D laser scanners.

No matter how many measurements we took back in the good old days, we simply couldn’t have collected as much information about your building as a laser scanner can. For a simple building with basic geometry, it might not make too much of a difference. But for larger structures and more complex architecture such as curved walls, vaulted or arched ceilings, and non-standard angles, laser scanners provide a whole new level of precision and detail. This increase in total accuracy becomes even more critical when we are creating a comprehensive 3D BIM model from the data captured in the field. This benefit to our customer is yet another reason why we’ve decided to adopt this technology with so much passion.


At PPM, we take great pride in making sure that our customers are comfortable and satisfied with all phases of our service. With the faster location time afforded by 3D Laser scans, our customers are even happier.

4. You Tell Us What You Want And We’ll Deliver

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear already, 3D laser scanning allows us more flexibility to tailor our deliverable to your needs. Because we have so much data gathered for your As-Built survey and because this information is accurate, complete, digital, and portable – we have a wide variety of options for our clients when it comes to the As-Built information we provide.
The 3D “point clouds” generated by a laser scanner can be worked with either in 2D or 3D. Our 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D Revit models can be created exactly to your specifications and are always designed with your project’s best interest in mind. This means that our customer service and project management outreach is more important than ever. We have a dedicated staff whose primary purpose is to find out exactly what you require, and then create a deliverable that will make your job infinitely easier. Another new option is to deliver the raw data (the point cloud) directly. For those that know how to work with it, the point cloud is an extremely detailed “digital twin” of the building and can be delivered as soon as the day after the field work.

3D Laser Scanners – Good for Us and Great for You!

So, as you can see, 3D laser scanning has really improved the As-Built customer experience in many different ways here at PPM. We are beyond excited to see how this technology will continue to revolutionize our business and provide you with the best As-Built service possible.

Now that you know how 3D laser scanning can improve your customer experience for your remodel projects, I hope you’re as excited about these new developments as we are. Reach out to our team with any questions you may have. We’re here to support your next remodel project!

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Meet Colin Lenkeit: Multi-Site Program Manager

PPM Profiled: Meet Colin Leinkeit
Multi-Site Program Manager

15 years ago, Colin Lenkeit applied for the position of “Measurer” with PPM. He was hired to perform measurements and draft landscape site plans for landscape architects. This entailed sketching residential and commercial landscapes, taking measurements of onsite features and utilizing AutoCAD to create accurate site plans. What appealed to Colin about the job? “I’ve always been a hands-on person. I enjoy being outdoors and like challenges involving numbers, calculations, or the need to put together a plan for a situation. The job description fit the bill perfectly!” says Lenkeit. Today, that position would be called “Surveyor,” and the Surveyor position at PPM would soon evolve to an As-Built Building Surveyor where Lenkeit and our team would parlay their meticulous surveying and drafting skills into a new realm. With advanced training and new technology, this became the focus with the growing demand of As-Built building plans by architects in Southern California (our first service region).

Today, you’ll find Colin at our Long Beach headquarters deep in processes and systems managing a much larger scope of work. Our business has evolved from a tiny team of landscape “measurers” to a nationwide company who provides “Worry-Free” As-Built survey and drafting services to residential and commercial architects as well as big brands with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of locations across the country. PPM booked its first Multi-Site program with a large brand in 2009 providing Floor Plans and Reflective Ceiling Plans to 47 pharmacies across California. These pharmacies were purchased and rebranded to CVS stores, and our team would provide the As-Built plans their architects would use to design the new interiors. Today, Colin manages programs with hundreds of locations across the U.S. Having been a surveyor and drafter himself and having touched so many roles and processes at PPM, Colin is the perfect person to manage our largest programs for our biggest clients with ease.

The day to day

Gone are his days of site visits and drafting. You’ll find him focused at his desk communicating between calls and emails with our clients, surveyors, and drafters. Whether it’s discussing a new program with a client, gathering information to provide accurate quotes, working with site contacts to organize and schedule field work, or communicating with surveyors with the information they’ll need to ensure their work goes off without a hitch, most of his days are spent in communication, and as his title eludes, program management. Holistically, he’s the driving force that ensures each program runs smoothly and every person involved in the process is organized, informed, and delivering on time with complete accuracy.

Supporting our clients

From first inquiry to final deliverable, Colin is the key point of contact for our Multi-Site clients. Having a single, knowledgeable point of contact who knows every step of the project and process is a key benefit for anyone handling the program management from the brand side. Rather than dealing with multiple people in our organization, Colin is a quick call or short email away from a swift answer and timely update. He’s proactive about communicating the program as it moves through the process, and is hyper-focused on high-quality As-Built plans that are delivered on time and according to schedule; especially when dealing with high-volume programs where Colin could be managing the surveys of up to 50 locations per week. Any way he can support our clients is Colin’s way!

For Colin, the most rewarding part of the job is whenever we’re really able to make a difference for a client. “I know our As-Builts are helping many clients, but occasionally you get into situations where you can really help a client out or make a big difference in their project overall, and it feels great being a part of that.”

Supporting the PPM team

Having touched so many roles at PPM over most of his career, Colin is the perfect person to ask for advice, direction, or tech-specific questions. There are a lot of years of knowledge around our industry inside his head, and he’s always happy to lend a helping hand to his fellow team members.

The direction of As-Builts

Having seen As-Built technology evolve from good old-fashioned tape measures (which still come in handy) to lidar lasers to 3D laser scanning, Colin sees a push for more 3D laser scanning in the architectural industry. “At this point, I think it’s only a foregone conclusion that in the future, barring any other disruptive technology, almost all As-Builts will originate from laser scan data.” PPM has surely seen this change and continues to grow and evolve with the latest laser scanning tools. We hope to see an even bigger shift in this direction for our nationwide clients in the years to come.

Fun facts

While many of us at PPM are used to seeing Colin anchored to his desk, hard at work, he’s a pretty interesting guy outside of these walls with lots of hobbies. Before we let Colin go, we have just a few fun questions to learn more about the man behind our Multi-Site programs on a personal level.

Where can you be found when not at work?
Usually somewhere working with my hands, traveling/exploring, or cooking.

What are your three favorite hobbies?
I’ve found I can pretty easily fall down a rabbit hole and get interested in lots of things – there’s so much out there! But my top 3 would have to be anything automotive/motorsports related, snowboarding, and cooking/gardening.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A fireman

Arctic or desert?
Somewhere in between – but hopefully somewhere that gets snow!

Road trip up the west or east coast?
West Coast

Pizza or tacos?

Camping or Glamping?

Trips and travels – spontaneous or planned?
Both – When we travel, we like to plan a lot but then take every opportunity to be spontaneous once we get going.

Night owl or early bird?
Used to be a night owl, but now I’m more of an early bird.

Cookie Dough or Neapolitan ice cream?
Not even a contest – does anyone actually like Neapolitan?

Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
Breakfast for dinner

Big thanks to Colin for sharing more about his work as our Multi-Site Program Manager and life outside of PPM! For more team profiles and behind-the-scenes, stay tuned on our blog!

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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PPM’s Newest Office Launching in Washington, D.C. Summer 2020

PPM’s Newest Office Launching in Washington, D.C. Summer 2020
An Interview with Our President Andy McFarland

In September 2019, our President Andy McFarland made the long-awaited announcement that our next regional office will open in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C!  Summer 2020 will be the expected launch date. In an interview with Andy, he laid out the key factors for choosing D.C. and how PPM plans to bring value to architects in the Mid-Atlantic region.

For more than 18 years, we’ve partnered with architects and designers to provide As-Built Survey services they can rely for complete accuracy and a great start to every remodel project. For architecture firms, these services contribute to a more efficient process and peace of mind in knowing they have a full set of accurate As-Built plans they can trust for every renovation project.

“It’s our mission to champion our AEC clients and help them streamline and scale their business to reach their goals as a firm,” says President Andy McFarland. “We do that by delivering As-Built drawings and models created to their standards and specifications. Among other benefits, it means more time with clients, more time re-imagining the perfect space, and the ability to take on more projects.” 

Of all the major cities in the U.S., why D.C.?

Andy: We’ve been looking at this for a while knowing we wanted to expand and serve more of the AEC community nationally. D.C. has great demographics: a large population, strong home values, lots of remodel activity which were all things that were successful in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. And, there’s a lot around D.C. It gives us the opportunity to serve Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and even as far out as New York City potentially. We think it is a unique opportunity for the architecture industry there because we have not seen a lot of As-Built service providers like ours in the area. We think we have a really great chance to help the AEC community in a way they haven’t seen before.

What are you most excited to bring to D.C.?

Andy: Three things. I’m most excited to, number one, offer a way to streamline their process. By calling PPM, you can get complete As-Built drawings or a Revit model in the exact format you need that will fit right into your process and keep projects moving forward. Number two is accuracy. PPM takes accuracy to another level. Compared to other ways As-Builts can and are often done, the PPM process has been perfected over 18 years. This means strict scanning, drafting/modeling, and quality assurance. It also means access to a team of As-Built experts who know exactly what you need for a successful project. Third, 3D laser scanning. A physical office in D.C. means more technology to quickly and efficiently capture every angle of an existing building with a digitally replicated point cloud made up of millions of data points. Our drafters, modelers, and quality assurance teams use this data to make sure every plan/model is exact.

Is there anything else that drew you to D.C.?

Andy: The excitement, the energy and the buzz of D.C. Of course, the city has great history. They’ve also got a strong architecture community we are excited to be a part of.

With Covid-19 being a major challenge all industries face, including AEC, is there a way PPM’s services can help the architecture industry bounce back?

Andy: Absolutely. One of the big challenges architects are facing right now is the inability to keep projects moving forward the way they had pre-Covid-19. Stay at home orders have caused some bottle-necking where architects have not been able to get on site to get the field measurements they need to kickstart a remodel project. With many buildings being vacant, we’re often able to get on site and survey quickly and then utilize point cloud data to complete the project offsite. When buildings are occupied, social distancing, gloves, masks, and sanitation are being used to keep our team and our clients safe. While we’re able to measure most buildings, there are some projects we are holding on until stay at home orders are lifted. We know it’s a challenging time for all businesses, so we’ll do the best we can do to help.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the new D.C. office?

Andy: We’re excited to get started, and despite the challenges we’re facing right now, we remain dedicated to keeping our launch date on track and being able to serve our Mid-Atlantic region. The goal is still July 2020, and we look forward to getting to know the community.

PPM is now accepting projects in the D.C. area. We’re able to survey most properties at this time and look forward to helping our AEC community come out of this challenge as strong as possible. Especially now, we are all focused in particular on one of our Core Values at PPM, “We’re in it Together.”  For quick and easy quotes, visit us here or speak with our team at 1-855-AS-BUILT.

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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