CAD to Revit Conversion

CAD to Revit Conversion

At PPM, we are experts at converting AutoCAD files to Revit 3D models. Our skilled Revit modelers transform your CAD plans to 3D models using a careful process of checks and balances to ensure all details and dimensions are accurately and carefully converted. Moving your 2D drawings to this BIM software is advantageous in many ways including facilitating easy coordination and collaboration among your team. Gain a step up from the competition and impress your clients with a beautiful Revit model.

Our CAD to Revit Process

1. Submit your project request for a quote and send your CAD files to [email protected].
2. After reviewing the plans, our team will respond by the end of the next business day with a quote.
3. Once your quote is approved, our experienced, U.S.-based BIM modelers will meticulously create your model using your custom preferences.
4. All Revit models are carefully reviewed by our Quality Assurance team to ensure quality and accuracy.
5. Upon completion, Revit files are delivered straight to your inbox.

Pricing: $50 per hour

Benefits of Converting CAD to Revit

  • Maximize Productivity – Collaborate and coordinate with other architects, engineers, and stakeholders instantly. No need to wait for one team member to finish before another can begin.
  • Visualization – Communicate your ideas with a high-definition 3D design.
  • Many Tools To Choose From – Revit integrates with Autodesk 360, Construction Modeling Physical Materials for Building Performance Analysis, Parametric Options, Worksharing, and more.

To get started, fill out the form or reach out to our team here. We look forward to assisting you.

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