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Street Perspective Of Home 3D Laser As-Built Scanner

How I Finally Learned to Drop the Tape Measure and Embrace the 3D Laser Scanner

576 308 Andy McFarland

How 3D Laser Scanning is Changing The Financials Of As-Built Surveying For the first 14 years of Precision Property Measurements, it was just a few trusty surveyors and me waking up at 5 AM, Monday through Friday, hopping on the freeway to beat the LA morning traffic, and breaking out our handy measuring tapes, pencils,…

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The PPM staff at the company picnic.

PPM Loves Super Hero Company Picnics

576 384 Andy McFarland

4 Tips For Making Your Company Picnic A Memorable, Team-Building Experience On Saturday, July 21, the team here at Precision Property Measurements took to Whaley Park in our hometown of Long Beach, CA to have our fourth annual memorable, team-building company picnic experience. We were lucky enough to get a beautiful Southern California day and…

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Accurate As-Built Plans Make A Big Difference

576 313 Andy McFarland

Accurate As-Built Plans Make A Huge Difference In Your Renovation Project “I Found These Existing As-Built Drawings. They Look Pretty Accurate… I think.”   Here at Precision Property Measurements, most of our clients are architects, designers and facility managers that are in charge of planning and executing building remodel projects. For every new project, whether…

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Staying Ahead Of The Laser Scanning Curve At The SPAR Conference

584 270 Andy McFarland

3D Laser Scanning, As-Built Surveys, and Insights From The SPAR 3D Expo Over the last 18 months, 3D laser scanning has radically changed the way we capture As-Built survey data at PPM. A process that used to take several days in the field using a handheld laser measuring device can now be completed in a…

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An architect and a contractor review As-Built plans

It’s Summertime! The Busy Season For Beaches, Ballparks, Home Renovations and Of Course, As-Built Surveys

576 384 Andy McFarland

Your Summer Home Renovation Starts With An As-Built Survey As The Temperature Rises, So Does The Volume of Construction Projects As the calendar turns to July throughout the United States, home renovation and remodel projects are in full swing. Whether it’s the cranes that are taking over the downtown skylines, or the fenced-off construction projects…

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As-Built Surveys For Restoration Of Architectural Masterpieces

900 333 Andy McFarland

Long Beach Architecture Tour Featuring Mid-Century Pioneer Edward Killingsworth   Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, Inc.’s new office space in Long Beach, CA built by Architect Edward Killingsworth. Photo by Julius Shulman and Juergen Nogai © JUERGEN NOGAI It All Started with an As-Built Survey… Over the course of 16+ years and 17,000 (give or take)…

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From Paper To Point Clouds: Laser Scanning Is An As-Built Paradigm Shift

800 327 Andy McFarland

Laser Scanning For As-Built Surveys Adds a Whole New Level of Efficiency Human beings have been mapping the physical space around us (including topography, landmarks, structures, and even the stars) for thousands of years.  Throughout that time, we’ve employed a dizzying array of tools and instruments to get the job done.  Regardless of the tool,…

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What Is An As-Built Survey?

899 267 Andy McFarland

What is an As-Built Survey? The Most Critical Part of your Remodel That You’ve Never Heard Of. It happens all the time, even after 16+ years in business.  Someone asks me “What do you do for work?”, and I tell them that PPM provides As-Built surveys to architects and other design and construction professionals.  Unless…

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Group Photo of PPM Staff celebrating the Company Turning 26


920 422 Andy McFarland

After 16 Years, PPM has a License to Drive and We’re Planning on Going Places Each February, you will find the team at PPM celebrating the success of another year in business. We have all heard the stats about how many businesses close their doors each year, so we consider every birthday an achievement worth…

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How Great As-Built Surveys Lead to Worry-Free Renovations On the simplest level, PPM is an As-Built surveying company.  That’s what we do.  However, what motivates us and keeps us working towards our goals goes far beyond just providing As-Builts.  Don’t get me wrong – the WHAT is important.  Every company needs a WHAT – in…

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