As-Built Surveys in San Jose
As-Built Services in San Jose

Precision Property Measurements assists customers across San Jose who are seeking expertly designed As-Built services. From revitalizing commercial spaces in Downtown San Jose to modernizing residential neighborhoods in the Silicon Valley, PPM provides superior As-Built services, ensuring projects are completed with precision and attention to detail. Our local San Jose surveyors will help to complete your project efficiently, accurately, and affordably every single time.

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Why As-Built Drawings in San Jose?

  • Before anyone begins work on a renovation or remodel, obtaining an accurate As-Built survey of the property is essential.
  • Our skilled San Jose surveyors take accurate measurements that are the cornerstone of promoting faster, more cost-effective, and streamlined construction efforts.
  • Future renovations are a breeze because you can reduce design flaws from prior construction jobs. And if your plans deviate from the originals, no problem, we have your information and can get it to you in no time.

Hiring PPM for Residential Projects

  • Our As-Built surveying in San Jose helps you transform your dreams for your home into a brick-and-mortar reality with extensively detailed As-Built plans.
  • We help you establish a firm foundation for your building project by ensuring that you start with complete and accurate information. As-Built services help customers conserve time and money right from the outset.
  • The PPM team has experienced property surveyors throughout the San Jose area. Our staff is ready to respond to customer requests quickly, precisely, and reliably.

Who We Are

Precision Property Measurements is a team of dedicated service professionals, providing full service building measurement, surveying and CAD drafting services. We specialize in the creation of “As-Built” floor plans, which show the existing conditions and dimensions of a residential or commercial building. Since our founding in 2002, our focus and dedication to providing the highest quality product and service to our clients has resulted in the successful delivery of over 15,000 As-Built projects of all sizes and types.

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San Jose As-Built Services

Precision Property Measurements Assists Commercial Renovations, Too!

  • Developers, property management firms, construction companies, project managers, DIY renovators, and landlords are just some of our clients in the San Jose area.
  • Our team at PPM has invested in the accurate measuring tools necessary to compile a complete spatial database before you embark on a major site renovation or remodel. Our As-Built services in San Jose help property owners and contractors order building materials based on actual precise data—not on iffy “guesstimates” which may result in cost overruns or shortages of critical supplies.
  • We help reduce labor costs by performing the intricate task of completely measuring the premises. You’ll ensure you possess correct information about the scope of workers required to complete a commercial renovation.

Why PPM is a Reliable Choice

When you select Precision Property Measurements for your As-Built services, you’ll gain the assurance that a well-trained and reliable team of experts provides. We offer As-Built surveying in San Jose that is designed to help you complete your building project efficiently and within established budgeting guidelines. You can determine the exact quantity of construction supplies to take to your next worksite with absolute precision. You won’t need to expend valuable time measuring the dimensions of the building and purchasing supplies before you begin work. You’ll already know the precise measurements before initiating construction. Our efforts help builders and skilled-trade contractors provide better service to their customers.

As San Jose continues to grow and evolve, PPM remains at the forefront of the construction industry, providing the city with the best As-Built services for commercial and residential remodel projects.

So, call Precision Property Measurements the next time you begin a renovation or rebuilding project. Our As-Built surveying in San Jose impress both savvy real estate builders and investors alike.

Rely on our surveyors to help you enjoy worry-free, efficient and affordable projects!