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Olympia As-Built Companies

Being one of Washington state’s most beloved cities, Olympia is at the top of Precision Property Measurements’ list of Northwest locations that we’re excited to serve. We work with clients all over the Olympia area faced with various issues at the beginning of their remodeling projects along with clients who want to avoid any costly problems before they break ground. Anyone who has ever thought of remodeling their home or business knows that the process can be complicated and stressful. Expert As-Built services from PPM can help eliminate all of the stress and unwanted complications that might hurt your project.

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Getting Results from As-Built Drawings

  • Unique challenges and circumstances accompany every renovation project. For example, maybe your contractor points out some alterations that need to be made to your original plans. This could mean that the project will take a slightly divergent course at this point, which could lead to significant loss of time and cost overruns. This is when As-Built services in Olympia come in to save you from unneeded stress.
  • As-Built drawings give you a comprehensive preview of what your finished project will look like. Our drawings synthesize the architectural plans that your contractor presents to you along with the engineering results of the construction for maximal results.
  • Our professional services include revised architectural renderings, As-Built drawings, and extremely precise surveying, all completed by our expert staff both in the Olympia area and here at our home base in California.

Who We Are

Precision Property Measurements is a team of dedicated service professionals, providing full service building measurement, surveying and CAD drafting services. We specialize in the creation of “As-Built” floor plans, which show the existing conditions and dimensions of a residential or commercial building. Since our founding in 2002, our focus and dedication to providing the highest quality product and service to our clients has resulted in the successful delivery of over 15,000 As-Built projects of all sizes and types.

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As-Built Services in Olympia

PPM Services Commercial Clients in Olympia

  • PPM covers a wide range of industries in Olympia, such as industrial, medical, restaurants, retail and commercial offices, among others.
  • Our local Olympia surveyors make independent measurements to determine if your contractor is on the right path to fabricating safe and well-made buildings.
  • When renovations are needed in the future, you can present your contractor with our As-Built drawings, which will allow them to take into proper account alterations that were made during the renovation process.

PPM is Dedicated to Our Residential Customers

  • Whether you’re a professional or novice, construction projects can be quite challenging and often cause a lot of stress. Because of this, it’s crucial that you start your next project with a professional and accurate As-Built survey to ensure you’re moving along the right track.
  • We know that your time and money are important to you. That’s why PPM’s As-Built surveying in Olympia offers you the simplest way to eliminate budget overruns and mitigate other surprises that you might run into without a professional As-Built survey.
  • Our As-Built drawings will be the baseline for a top-notch home renovation, and our primary mission here at PPM is to assist you in achieving your dream home with as little difficulty as possible.

Why You Should Call PPM for Your Next Project in Olympia

Our team at Precision Property Measurements is comprised of the best professionals in the business who are dedicated to their craft and service. Our expertly trained team members produce, oversee, and deliver more than 2,000 As-Built surveys each year, all over the country.

We hate to brag, but Precision Property Measurements is one of the most successful As-Built service providers in the nation. We’ve been in the business since 2002, and have delivered over 22,000 projects all across the country. We have a highly knowledgeable staff and expert local surveyors in Olympia that can handle any problem that you might encounter as you proceed in your renovation project.

So contact Precision Property Measurements today to chat with one of our customer service representatives who will discuss every aspect of your project and offer you a free quote!