As-Built Surveys in Oakland
As-Built Services in Oakland, CA

Being one of the East Bay’s brightest lights, Oakland is at the top of Precision Property Measurements’ list of California cities that we’re excited to serve. We work with clients all over the Oakland area who are faced with different issues during their remodeling projects as well as those who desire to avoid problems in the first place. Anyone who has ever thought of fabricating a building and followed through with their plan can confess that the process is often complicated and stressful. Accurate and professional As-Built services from PPM can help to alleviate the complication and stress of your project.

We service all of Northern California. To learn more, visit our regional page.

The Advantages of As-Built Plans in Oakland

  • When undertaking a construction project, there are always unique challenges and circumstances to overcome. For example, your contractor points out some changes need to be made to the original plans. Usually, the construction project will be altered at this point, often leading to both significant loss of time and extra expense. At moments such as these, most architects, property owners, and contractors realize just how valuable As-Built services are.
  • The purpose of As-Built drawings is to give comprehensive previews of finished projects. Our As-Built drawings revise the architectural drawings that your contractor presents to you according to the engineering results of the construction.
  • Our services include As-Built drawings, revised architectural drawings, and As-Built surveying.

Who We Are

Precision Property Measurements is a team of dedicated service professionals, providing full service building measurement, surveying and CAD drafting services. We specialize in the creation of “As-Built” floor plans, which show the existing conditions and dimensions of a residential or commercial building. Since our founding in 2002, our focus and dedication to providing the highest quality product and service to our clients has resulted in the successful delivery of over 15,000 As-Built projects of all sizes and types.

Oakland As-Built Services

PPM Services Commercial Clients in Oakland

  • We make our own independent measurements through precise surveying to determine if your contractors are on the right path to constructing safe and quality buildings.
  • We appreciate that these drawings are needed by the clients for record-keeping more than the initially proposed design drawings and approach their construction accordingly.
  • In the future, when renovations and remodeling efforts are needed, you can present the contractors with these As-Built drawings as opposed to the original design drawings, allowing for them to take into proper account changes that were made during the construction process.

We’re Also Dedicated to Our Residential Customers

  • As-Built surveying in Oakland from PPM can help eliminate budget overruns and many other surprises that can cost you time and money.
  • Renovation projects can be very demanding and cause a lot of stress. Often, unexpected surprises cause difficult construction problems. Because of this, it’s crucial that you start your remodeling project with a professional and accurate As-Built survey.
  • If done correctly, your As-Built survey will be the base for a top-notch home renovation, and our mission at PPM is to help you achieve your dream without any unforeseen costs, unnecessary delays, or unintended surprises.

Choosing PPM for Your Next Project

Precision Property Measurements is one of the most successful providers of As-Built services in the nation. Having been in the business since 2002, and delivered over 22,000 projects, we have a highly experienced staff and professional local surveyors in Oakland that are prepared to handle any type of problem that you might encounter with your building project. Our team is gifted with enough skill, experience, and technological support to deliver accurate and expedient As-Built services.

So contact Precision Property Measurements to talk to one of our customer service specialists and get started on your project today!