As-Built Surveys in Alexandria

At Precision Property Measurements, we keep a close eye on the housing market across the country and know that property in Alexandria is not as inexpensive as it used to be. When you decide to take on a renovation or remodel, we know how important it is to commission the right company to deliver As-Built drawings your team of architects, designers, and contractors can rely on for accurate measurements. With over 18,000 projects delivered, we specialize in high quality As-Built Surveys in Alexandria and are dedicated to this first and critical step in your project’s success.

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As-Built Plans are a Crucial 1st Step in Your Renovation Process

  • We know renovations aren’t cheap. We help our clients stay on budget by fully preparing for the renovation with a fresh, accurate, and Worry-Free set of As-Built drawings. These important documents outline the existing measurements of the building which ensure all members of your architectural and construction team are working off a set of fully reliable As-Built plans.
  • Your timeline is important; not only for your budget, but also for your living situation. If you are living in a home and moving or resituating during the renovation, it’s important to keep the project on track. Measurement mistakes can mean a drawn-out timeline and extra stress. Accurate As-Built surveys help you avoid this common mistake.
  • Inaccurate measurements can mean big out-of-pocket expenses you didn’t anticipate. Our team of As-Built experts executes precisely, so you can spare the stress and cost overruns.

The Importance of an Accurate As-Built Survey for Your Renovation

  • Most renovation projects have unanticipated complications that are impossible for an architect or engineer to visualize at the beginning of a project.
  • PPM’s As-Built drawings will help you deal with this by allowing you to locate all of the walls, doors, and windows, as well as the locations of any wires, devices or control panels on your property.
  • Because of how precisely executed our drawings are, you will be able to complete your next project with a great deal of certainty, which will reduce stress and cost overruns.
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Our Commitment to Our Residential Clients

  • It’s crucial that you start your remodeling project with precise As-Built surveying plans so there will be no building mistakes in the future. Our As-Built Surveys in Alexandria will start you off with a solid baseline so you can finish your job as smoothly as possible.
  • Unexpected budget overruns are always a serious concern for residential renovations, and our exceptional As-Built surveyors in Alexandria will help you avoid extra expenses by providing As-Built drawings your team can rely on.
  • We eliminate stress by providing a truly Worry-Free As-Built experience for our clients. We deliver on our Worry-Free promise by concentrating on efficient and transparent communication between our clients and your dedicated project manager.

Driving Successful Commercial Renovations and Expansions with Commercial As-Built Drawings

Errors at the beginning of your project can cost you a lot of resources and time as you move on to other phases of the construction process. These could include unforeseen redesigns, unanticipated order changes, unexpected delays, or other surprises as you progress in your renovation.

At PPM, we are committed to making certain that our customers aren’t victims of these kinds of easily avoidable errors. Our proficient drafters as well as our local Alexandria surveyors, make PPM well-positioned to offer the best As-Built surveying in your area.

Choose your As-Built Provider With Confidence!

PPM is the most experienced, dedicated As-Built survey provider in Alexandria, Virginia – serving Alexandria and surrounding areas. In business since 2002, we are confident in our ability to ensure your renovation starts off smoothly at a competitive price. To date, we’ve delivered over 22,000 surveys nationwide, which makes us one of the most experienced companies in the business. Speak with our team of dedicated As-Built professionals to learn how we can help you get started. Quotes are quick and easy and always complimentary.

So, call PPM today at 1-855-AS-BUILT or click here for your free quote, and tell us about your As-Built surveying needs!