As-Built Happenings – New Initiatives and New Busta!

As-Built Happenings – New Initiatives and New Busta!

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New Hire At PPM

>I’m sure I’m not the only one who is struggling to comprehend the fact that it’s already March.  I’ve tried to deny it but there it is, that little “3” in the front of the date field, staring at me in the bottom righthand corner of my screen.  2017 is whirring by so fast that I forgot to blog the last 5 weeks!  I’m not a big science-fiction guy, but in this case I think it is definitely possible, if not probable, that I stumbled into some kind of a time-travelling wormhole in mid-January and just came out in early March.

Whether I remember how it happened or not, some exciting new things are going down at PPM that I wanted to share.  In conjunction with 2 or our Goals for this year – As-Built Survey Technology Leadership, and Customer Communication  (see:  PPM’s 2017 Resolutions) – we have hired an amazing new staffer (or “Bustas” as we call them at PPM – after our Core Value “We Bust”) to help spearhead these efforts:

Greg Davies (Director of Survey Technology)

Greg became our 20th employee on the first day of 2017.  We first worked with Greg way back in 2014 as an As-Built surveyor, and then as a project management consultant, most notably managing our 500 store Ferguson As-Built survey program in 2015.  We hit it off so well we decided to make it official, hiring Greg on the first business day of 2017.

In Greg’s new position he is leading our expansion into As-Built 3D scanning and BIM modeling.  We just purchased our first laser scanner and we are already using it on live As-Built projects.  Greg is developing our processes and infrastructure so that we can start offering 3D point clouds and REVIT models to any client that needs a BIM deliverable.

A little bit about Greg:

  • Was born and raised in Chicago, home of the best team in baseball – the White Sox.
  • Has ~15 years of experience providing As-Built surveys as well as developing technology solutions in the real estate industry.
  • Loves living and working in Long Beach. Extended his list of favorite outdoor activities of running and cycling to include skateboarding and snowboarding.
  • Running both the LA Marathon and Chicago Marathon this year.

“After getting to know the PPM team over the last couple of years, I was really excited to start up full time and become an official member of the family. The team here is committed to providing both the highest level of quality as well as having a good time while doing it. This is the kind of family you want to be a part of.”


I am thrilled to have new talented and energetic Bustas joining our team – I feel like we hit a homerun with this hire (sorry but the other thing that happens in March is the start of baseball season!)  If you want to talk As-Built survey tech with Greg, give us a call.

Now back to work before April sneaks up on me when I’m not looking…