An Eclectic Southern California Craftsman Remodel


As-Built Surveys for Single-Family Residential Projects

This beautiful Southern California craftsman home is residence to a growing family! Lewin Wertheimer Architects of Venice, California, the talented team behind many of LA’s most elegant coastal homes, was brought in to adapt the antiquated dwelling to meet the needs of a growing family – all without adding square footage. Contemporary, hip, and comfortable was the mission. A reimagined exterior was also on the agenda with a desire to extend their living space for eating and outdoor enjoyment.

Project Completion Photos by Douglas Hill Photography

To kickstart the project, up to date As-Built plans were needed for accurate measurements of the existing conditions. Providing Worry-Free As-Built Surveys to ensure every project gets off to a great start, is our promise to our clients. 3D laser scanning technology allowed us to move quickly through the site visit while gathering millions of data points used by our offsite drafting team. This technology is especially helpful when surveying homes where children might be present and is less obtrusive to residents because it reduces time and overall footprint through the home. Once the point cloud data was reviewed for accuracy and completeness, it was sent off to our production team for meticulous drafting and quality assurance before the As-Built plans were delivered to Lewin and his team. Here’s a look at the point cloud process and a few of the plan types the architects used as backgrounds for their new design.

Images of Point Clouds created from 3D laser scanning tools.
The output of the 3D laser scan is a robust point cloud consisting of millions of data points. Our drafters use the point cloud as a guide. They’re able to “slice” through and focus on any layer needed to create various plan types.
Sectional As-Built plans show a cross section of the home. Commonly known as the “dollhouse” view, they represent a vertical plane cut through the building. Section drawings can be very useful in showing how the interior spaces relate to each other vertically.   
The Floor Plan (shown on the left) is a scale drawing, showing a view from above (“plan view”), of the relationships between rooms, spaces, and other physical features at one level of the structure.  The Roof Plan (shown on the right), is also a scale drawing, showing a view from above (“plan view”). It shows the relations of all roof elements.

Upon delivery of the updated As-Built plans, the Lewin Wertheimer team was ready to take the next steps in visualizing and designing this new magical space where memories will be made for years to come. Lewin worked closely with the client and interior designer to find just the right aesthetic. “Working with the team and seeing it all come together to make the client happy,” is what Lewin enjoyed the most. Here’s a look at the newly reimagined craftsman dwelling beautifully designed for this Southern California family.

At PPM, the success of our clients is our number one priority. We love seeing their designs come to life. While our job as surveyors, drafters, and As-Built project managers is so important to a smooth and streamlined process, the end result and happy clients is what’s ultimately most important. Ensuring each remodel project starts with Worry-Free, accurate plans helps ensure a truly Worry-Free renovation. Special thanks to Lewin Wertheimer Architects for sharing this gorgeous project with us!

“The accuracy of the As-Builts made our job much easier.”

-Lewin Wertheimer, Lewin Wertheimer Architects