This Is What We Live For

Testimonials From PPM As-Built Customers

At the end of the day, this is our reward. What we strive for. Why we work so hard. We are honored to share these customer testimonials with you.

I am thrilled to have found PPM. As-Builts are literally the foundation of my entire design process. By using the same As-Built source for all of my projects, I can really streamline my process, and it makes my entire team more efficient. I have never had any issues with accuracy with PPM’s plans – even on my complex remodel projects. PPM is a great resource for an architect like me.

PPM was a critical part of our team for this project. When we started, I wasn’t sure how many of the As-Builts we wanted to subcontract. The project was so important for us that I had to make sure everything was just right. PPM quickly proved their work quality, service, and ability to handle the workload. We relied heavily on them, and PPM absolutely delivered on everything that we needed. Using PPM for As-Built production was clearly the right choice.

Accurate As-Builts are extremely valuable to my property management company. I use PPM’s plans constantly for my marketing, leasing agreements, tenant improvements and more. Also, I like knowing that my square footage is verified through BOMA and AIR standards, ensuring that I charge the correct amount for the unit. What I like best about their plans is that, unlike engineering plans, they are created with property owners like us in mind. They are clean, easy to read, and I can print them myself or email them to my brokers, managers and clients.

Thank you for the excellent work. I will definitely use your company in the future.