Bay Area Regional Administrative Job Opportunity

Regional Administrator (Full-Time)

San Leandro, CA

Do you have solid typing and data entry skills, an exceptional phone presence, expert knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and GOLD STANDARD customer service?  Do you enjoy both speaking with clients and working behind the scenes to support your team?

PPM is looking for a high-energy Regional Administrator to strengthen our growing Bay Area office. We opened our Northern California office in 2014, and it has become our fastest growing region. Do you want to join a company with a great culture and room for growth?


Listening and Serving is in your DNA!  There is nothing that pleases you more than taking care of a valued customer’s request in a timely manner.  You instinctively greet callers, use active listening skills, and thoughtfully answer questions. You will do whatever it takes to provide answers with a patient, courteous and professional demeanor.

Accuracy is your middle name – you also have an eye for detail. You are quick and efficient when it comes to data entry, and you rarely make mistakes.  When you do make the occasional mistake, you self-correct and will not make the same mistake twice. You pay attention to the most minor details that most people would never notice.  Did someone say “audit”?  Your heart just skipped a beat!

You are a tech-savvy, organizational guru.  You are well-versed in the Microsoft Office Suite.  You are intuitive and love to learn how to use new software, programs, and platforms.  Your work environment is structured, clean and well-organized.

You’re a great communicator. You can clearly and concisely articulate your thoughts through email, and you don’t hesitate to make a phone call when you think a real conversation will yield a better result.

You are a team-player. You enjoy working alone and sinking your teeth into a project, but you recognize that you can accomplish greater things when you are surrounded by like-minded people that share your goals. People want to be around you because your positive attitude is contagious.

You have a strong, optimistic work ethic and a take-charge attitude. Getting the job done right, on-time, and being proud of your work is your motivation!  You expect to work hard, learn fast and add value to your company and your team.  You would much rather own up to a mistake then have it spiral out of control.

You learn and retain new information easily.  You are a quick study and can process and provide information at a moment’s notice.


This is a full-time, non-exempt (40 hours/week) position. Your primary focus will be supporting the Bay Area office by providing front-line customer service daily as well as back office regional support.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide attentive, genuine, GOLD STANDARD customer service to all PPM clients.
  • Handle and direct phone calls, answer and organize emails, address client questions, explain our services, processes, and provide specific project details.
  • Precise data entry/maintenance for each unique project using our CRM software.
  • Create and follow up on project proposals.
  • Manage office, including general organization and inventory.
  • Assist with project pricing, scheduling, and event coordination as necessary.


  • $22-$26 an hour based on experience
  • Bonuses based on company performance
  • Generous Health, Vision & Dental coverage
  • Paid Time Off
  • 10 Paid Holidays per year
  • 401K with 4% match


It’s a great time to join PPM as we work together to achieve our mission of becoming the #1 As-Built measuring company in America. Since 2002, we have grown our team in California and are now expanding nationwide with plans for 10 regional offices operating by 2025. We offer a fun and challenging work environment that encourages innovation through risk-taking, and rewards results. We actively promote each employee’s professional and personal development. We share financial information with everybody, so all employees know exactly how the company is doing. Most of all, we share a common set of Core Values that we all believe and practice. Are you ready to Bust?



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