Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Long Beach, CA


Are you an experienced Human Resources professional who’d like to take your career to the next level by running HR for a small business with big growth plans? Would you like to join a successful, purpose-driven team and help us achieve our Mission to expand throughout the United States? PPM is looking for a Human Resources Manager to join our team. See how you can apply below!

About You

You are a people person. You are most happy and comfortable when interacting with other humans. You like to surround yourself with good people, and it motivates you to help others grow and succeed.

You see the big picture. There is a purpose behind the things that you do. If you believe strongly in the WHY, you will do whatever it takes to help make it happen.

You pay attention to details. You’ve always been well organized and deliberate in the things that you do. Good planning, communication, and clear processes are your tools to make sure things get done the way they should.

You are a go-getter. You don’t wait for things to happen – you make them happen. Setbacks only make you try harder.

You are a team-player. Culture matters. You value team success over personal success – and you expect those around you to do the same.

You’re happy – but looking for more. You’ve learned a lot and had success with your current and past companies. But now you’re ready to make an impact by helping to create something new and ambitious.


Things you might do

As PPM’s Human Resources Manager, there will always be ways to make an impact. We are expanding our workforce across the country, so recruiting, hiring and onboarding will be major initiatives of the next several years. You will be responsible for communicating our Mission far and wide to attract the best people we can find to join our team. We believe strongly in employee growth and development, and so we need the HR Manager to share this passion and help drive its implementation and effectiveness across the company. You will be in charge of all of our internal processes and systems related to employee benefits and legal compliance. Most importantly, you’ll be a part of the team at the highest level to develop our organizational strategy as we continue to grow, and policies and processes to help us sustain a dynamic and fun culture that the very best people want to be a part of.

OK, just to give you a few more specifics:

  • Managing the Company’s recruiting, hiring, and onboarding for all new employees
  • Managing our Development systems including training, coaching, performance reviews, etc…
  • Developing the organizational strategy including overall structure, positions, reporting, compensation.
  • Helping employees individually and in groups to resolve issues, develop new skills, and grow professionally.
  • Managing employee benefits and all HR related systems such as company handbook, legal paperwork, and insurance
  • Working directly with the president and department leaders to strategize and implement plans to achieve our Mission.


If selected, PPM will offer you:

  • A competitive compensation package.
  • Employer Sponsored Health, Vision & Dental coverage
  • Generous PTO, including 9 Paid Holidays per year
  • 401K with 4% match


PPM is a great company to work with because:

We are working together to achieve our Mission of becoming the #1 As-Built company in America! We offer a work environment that encourages innovation through risk-taking and rewards results. We actively promote each employee’s professional and personal development. Most of all, we share a common set of  Core Values that we all believe and practice every day.

If interested, please fill out this application: