BIM Manager

BIM Manager

Long Beach, CA


We are looking for a BIM Manager to join our team at PPM. PPM is one of the largest As-Built surveying companies in America, delivering up to 2,000 projects per year. Over the next 5 years, we plan to open offices across the country, and transition all of our production from AutoCAD to Revit. Are you interested in taking the lead on providing the best Revit As-Built documentation service in the country?

About You

You’re energetic! You thrive on the action in a fast-paced, professional environment. Your energy and positive attitude serve to uplift and motivate others around you.

You’re a great communicator. You can clearly and concisely articulate your thoughts through email, and you don’t hesitate to make a phone call when you think a real conversation will yield a better result. You find immense value in listening to others – both clients and staff alike.

You’re a leader. You can rally a team around a common goal and keep them motivated to get the job done and done right. You’re not above doing any task yourself if that’s what it takes.

You’re a problem solver. When things come up, you act quickly and focus on solutions instead of blame. You are able to see all points of view and make confident decisions that are fair to all involved.

You’re organized. You enjoy creating order out of chaos and making sensible plans for yourself and your team. You can effortlessly manage multiple inputs coming in simultaneously and can easily prioritize to keep the focus on the most important items.

You’re curious. You are interested in learning new things and understanding the way things work. If you don’t immediately know the answer to something, you figure it out!

You’re a perfectionist. Getting the job done right and being proud of your work is just the way you are. You pay attention to even the minor details that most people would probably never notice.

You’re ambitious. You want to be in control of your own destiny. You expect to work hard, learn fast, and progress quickly in your career.


Things you might do

This is a full-time (40 hour+/week) position. In a typical week you will be expected to:

  • Create and maintain standards and process documentation that simply guide the PPM production teams toward efficiently delivering a Gold Standard Revit product to all PPM clients.
  • Create and maintain training and testing content for new employees, existing employees, and outsource vendors providing a Revit product.
  • Work directly with production teams to implement and train on any new or updated processes and standards, as it pertains to PPM’s BIM & CAD products.
  • Enforce existing standards and processes for all PPM projects going out whether they were produced in-house or by outsource resources.
  • Develop Revit product options for all PPM departments and their clients: Regional (residential and local small commercial), Multi-Site (retail and quick service restaurants), and Special Ops (large commercial).
  • Provide ongoing production support to production staff producing Revit products.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of new, existing, and emerging BIM technology that have the potential to impact efficiency and quality as it pertains to PPM’s BIM & CAD products.
  • Track Key Indicators for Revit production and work with production teams to set short-term and long-term goals based on PPM’s growth plans and Strategic Objective. Develop and implement plans to help achieve your Key Indicator goals.


If selected, PPM will offer you:

  • A competitive salary. A successful BIM Manager will make $70-75K in their first year, with opportunities to increase to $100K in 3-5 years.
  • Bonuses based on company performance
  • Generous Health, Vision & Dental coverage
  • Sick and Vacation PTO, 9 Paid Holidays per year
  • 401K with 4% match


PPM is a great company to work with because:

We are working together to achieve our mission of becoming the #1 As-Built company in the United States! Since 2002, we have been growing in California and nationwide by continuously improving our product and our service. We offer a work environment that encourages innovation through risk-taking, rewards, and results. We actively promote each employee’s professional and personal development. We share financial information with every member of the team. Most of all, we share a common set of Core Values that we all believe and practice.

If interested, please fill out this application: