As-Built Surveyor (Bay Area)

As-Built Surveyor

Oakland, CA (Bay Area)

We are looking for a part time As-Built Surveyor to join our team at PPM. Are you interested in scanning/measuring a variety of buildings throughout the Bay/NorCal region?

About You

You are a problem-solver. You have always enjoyed and excelled in mathematics. You find yourself playing games that challenge the mind, and you get pleasure out of solving a problem. If you don’t immediately know the answer to something, you figure it out!

You are professional. You’re early to everything and respect the environment around you, always leaving things the way you found them. You pay attention to the minor details that most people would never notice.

You have a strong, optimistic work ethic and a take-charge attitude. Getting the job done right, on-time, and being proud of your work is your motivation! You choose to be in control of your own destiny and are not easily shaken. You expect to work hard, learn fast, and progress quickly in your career.

You love Architecture! You are fascinated with how buildings are built. You cannot wait to explore new building types including apartments, condos, single-family homes, mansions, retail, office buildings, industrial warehouses, hospitals, hotels, and historic buildings!

You are tech-minded. You are interested in learning and working with new technologies within the AEC industry. You are always talking to others about the latest and greatest scanners and software.


Things you might do

This is a part-time (16-30 hour/week) position, with future opportunities for increased hours based on demand. Your typical week will include the following:

  • Travel to job sites, mostly in Bay Area but occasionally other areas.
  • Interact with clients and site contacts, providing excellent customer service.
  • Utilize specialized equipment and software to measure and document As-Built conditions of all types of properties: houses, apartments, offices, retail buildings, hotels, schools and more.
  • Climb onto Rooftops, into attics and down into crawlspaces when required, seeing all aspects of a structure
  • Communicate with your team (phone, emails, and regular meetings) and continuously improve quality and accuracy of PPM As-Built plans for every project.


If selected, PPM will offer you:

  • $25 to $30 an hour (depending on experience)
  • Comprehensive training
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Bonuses based on company performance
  • PTO (includes sick leave) of 24 hours a year

It’s a great time to join PPM as we work together to achieve our mission of becoming the #1 As-Built company in America!  Since 2002, we have been growing in California and nationwide by continuously improving our product and our service.  We offer a work environment that encourages innovation through risk-taking, and rewards results.  We actively promote each employee’s professional and personal development.  We share financial information with everybody.  Most of all, we share a common set of Core Values that we all believe and practice.  Are you ready to Bust?

If interested, please fill out this application.