Core Values = High Octane Fuel

Our Core Values At PPM

Our Enthusiasm For Our Values Is What Fuels Our Commitment To Our Clients

At PPM, we have always defined ourselves by the way that we interact with our clients, our vendors, and each other. We have developed a very special and unique culture over the last 14+ years, and as a result we have managed to continually attract and retain hard-working and positive people – people who want to work with others who share their values, and for a company that stands for something. As we have continued to grow, it has become more and more important to explicitly define these Core Values, which guide our decisions in everything that we do.

These are the 8 Core Values that we live and work by.

We Bust

From the very beginning, working at PPM has been about “busting” – a term coined (and used frequently) by our founder. Life is best when you are busting, which means giving your complete energy, focus and effort to the task at hand. Your work should be approached with the same mind-set as everything else that you do – with energy, passion, purpose, and a smile on your face.

The attitude and “feel” of a company – positive or negative – is contagious. Busting starts with a positive attitude – a belief that no challenge is too great to overcome. When a group of people are busting together towards a common goal, amazing things will happen. We seek to attract people who have a natural energy and perpetually positive attitude. People who seize the opportunity to give their best effort every day. People who are put on this earth to bust!

We Thrive In Balance:

We believe that balance is the key to achieving great a great career AND a great personal life. It is not necessary to choose one or the other. Work is a major part of life – but it is not the most important part. Therefore, we believe in an environment where family, friendship, health, fun, and all the other ingredients of a long and happy life are encouraged. Having a sense of balance, and a continuous commitment towards maintaining it, keeps a person fresh, eager, and able to focus both on what is immediately in front of them, as well as where they want to go in the future. Balanced people do better work and get better results.

We Do What We Say:

We are uncompromising in our personal and collective commitment to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all that we do. Integrity to us means that we treat our word as an iron clad promise which must be honored at all costs. This promise extends to all of our interactions with our clients, our vendors, our coworkers, and most importantly – ourselves. The foundation of integrity is a profound respect for others, so we nurture mutual respect by practicing open and honest communication in all situations. We are unafraid to make bold commitments on behalf of ourselves and the Company, because we are confident in our collective core commitment to keeping our word.

We Embrace Change:

We understand that our continued long-term success relies on a commitment towards perpetual innovation and improvement. We must continually be asking ourselves and our clients what we can be doing differently, better, or more efficiently. Every service we provide, and every internal process we use to produce that service, represents an opportunity to do something better. We encourage everyone to take risks by trying new things which may have the potential to improve our services. We also understand that innovation doesn’t just happen – there need to be regular systems and processes in place to create the conditions necessary for it to occur and thrive.

We Own Our Actions:

We believe that individuals should be personally responsible and accountable for all that they do in their work and in their lives. The people at PPM want to be held accountable for their actions, and for the resulting outcomes of those actions. When we make a mistake, we own up to it! We cultivate the importance of accountability into our culture by regularly establishing short, medium, and long-term goals, and then objectively measuring our success or failure based upon our performance relative to those objectives. Our commitment to this value allows each person to rely on their coworkers with a level of trust that can only come from a strong mutual belief in personal responsibility.

We Are Empowered:

We believe in the power of the individual to achieve anything they want in his or her life. We are committed to a hands-on approach in the personal and professional development of all of our staff, encouraging and empowering each person to acquire the tools needed to achieve their goals in life. With the proper support in place, it is up to the individual to take the initiative and pursue their desired path. The only limits to professional growth at PPM are self-imposed.

We’re In It Together:

All organizations work best when people work together, and are united around a common objective. Not only do we produce better results by working together as a team, but it is also a lot more fun! We celebrate our successes together, and we support each other in our failures. We are eager to offer help to a coworker in need, understanding that our collective commitment to our brand is more important than our job description. PPM is an employee-owned company, and we believe strongly in the principal that financial success should be shared amongst the people that contributed to the overall result.

We Listen, We Serve:

Making our customer’s businesses and projects perform better is our purpose – it is why we exist. Every action that we take and goal that we set at PPM is tied to this purpose. We listen to our client’s wants and needs – in fact we encourage it – and we use this feedback to guide our development efforts and improve the ways that we deliver our service. We understand that even though we are often just one small part of the overall project, the role that we play is absolutely critical in determining its overall success – it is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.