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As-Built Surveying: Why We Do What We Do

Our “Why”

At PPM, we’re passionate about setting architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners across the nation up for success with the very best in As-Built surveying, drafting, and modeling. Whether you prefer to work with 2D drawings or 3D BIM models, As-Built plans are the foundation to your renovation and the all-important very first step. But, at PPM, it’s about so much more.

“Our customers have a lot of things to coordinate to make their renovation projects run smoothly. At PPM we feel a strong responsibility to help our clients get every project off to a great start, by providing consistent, high quality As-Built plans with top-notch customer service. This deep connection with our clients’ success is why we chose “Worry-Free Renovations” as our purpose. Everything we do is all about helping each and every project to be accurate and on-time, so that our customers’ remodel projects can be as worry free as possible” shares PPM President, Andy McFarland.

At PPM, As-Built Surveys aren’t just about delivering a final set of plans…it’s about the care that’s taken every step of the way to ensure our clients are set up for success. We find our own success through providing peace of mind for a smooth remodel, helping to keep your project on time and on budget, and building and supporting strong client relationships.

Why We’re Dedicated to Worry-Free Renovations

To Deliver Peace of Mind for a Worry-Free Remodel Experience

Homeowners, property owners, and architects alike dream of a smooth process when designing their home or commercial space. Ensuring our clients have accurate documentation they need to embark on this journey is critical. Redesigning and personalizing a space should be exciting (and not full of unnecessary stress) for both you and your clients. Being trusted to reimagine a homeowner’s dream home or a blooming business’ commercial space is an honor.

High-quality As-Built plans prepared by experts give you peace of mind that your project will start off and continue on the right path. Worry-Free renovations are best achieved when you have confidence in the quality and integrity of your starting point, so you can move right into the schematic design phase and focus on your clients’ wishes.

So You Can Keep Your Project on Time and on Budget

Accurate As-Built plans carry your project through from start to finish. Every member of your architecture, design, and build teams rely on the accuracy of these measurements to make important decisions. A misstep can quickly turn into a dangerous game of detours if the initial information the team is working from isn’t completely accurate and thorough. Even the smallest mismeasurements can cause hefty, unforeseen extensions to your timeline and your budget.

Imagine you’re a residential architect, and a newlywed couple has hired you to refurbish a complex, aging home they’ve recently purchased. They’re excited to revitalize this once-charming, two-story home with large picture windows into a modern, minimalist dream space. The home is large, and therefore a heavy task. You and your team survey using hand-held lasers, tape measures, and sketch pads followed by hours of drafting. You complete the drawings and confidently begin working on the design and list of materials to present to your clients. They love the work you’ve proposed, and you begin scheduling construction and order the necessary supplies. Since the home will be entirely gutted, the couple plans to stay with family during renovations.

Midway through construction, installation tells you there was a mismeasurement of the kitchen, and the custom-made cabinetry doesn’t fit into the space as planned. You conclude that this will cause a three-week delay as you wait for a portion of the custom cabinetry to be resized and installed. You feel a sense of impending doom thinking of you’ll present this news to your client. You also realize the cabinet cost of $4,500 is yours to eat on a project where margins are already slim.

The couple is frustrated but copes with the inconvenience and extends their stay with family and at a hotel. Later, you come to find that the mistake was due to writing a measurement down incorrectly on your sketch.

Unfortunately, we hear far too many stories like this from clients who are excited to have an expert eye take over the As-Built surveying process. This scenario and several other complications can be avoided by using a team of experts who focus on ensuring your As-Built plans are accurate from the start. Supporting our AEC and homeowner clients, so you can avoid frustrating mistakes, is why we love what we do. For these newlyweds, the memory of making their first home together and having a great experience with their architect should be a great memory. Because PPM specializes in As-Built Surveying, our tried-and-true process and stringent quality assurance ensures every set of plans is ready for important decision making.

To Build and Support Strong Client Relationships

The driving force behind PPM’s purpose of “Worry-Free Renovations” is our sense of responsibility to our clients and our clients’ clients. We have a vested interest in your success. We know your clients have entrusted you on a major endeavor and their expectations are high. A remodel is also an emotional and costly investment for many people. We take pride in providing Gold Star service to support your incredibly important client relationships.

Accurate As-Built plans keep projects running smooth and help drive referrals – building business for years to come! From proposals to site visits, you can expect caring and professional interactions between your clients and our team. We’re not just partners in your remodel. We’re advocates for you and your business.

To Sum It Up…

President Andy McFarland and Production Drafter David Sperry reviewing As-Built plans.

At PPM, we love supporting your remodel projects, and giving you the best shot at a smooth renovation with Worry-Free As-Built plans you can trust through every step of your project. We believe this is possible by helping you keep your project on time and on budget with complete accuracy, giving you peace of mind for a smooth remodel, and building and supporting strong client relationships.

For over 20 years and on more than 22,000 projects, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting architects, designers, contractors, and homeowners across the U.S. And we look forward to supporting Worry-Free renovations for years to come with the very best service and technology. Our promise to you is Worry-Free As-Built plans backed by accuracy, timeliness, and dedicated communication every step of the way.

About PPM

At PPM, our goal is to help set you and your project up for success from the start. While we are dedicated to tried-and-true process and deliver consistently accurate plans, success is not just in the numbers – it’s a feeling of trust, confidence, ownership and teamwork. Our team is committed to Core Values that drive our business and our clients’ success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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