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Meet Colin Lenkeit: Multi-Site Program Manager

PPM Profiled: Meet Colin Leinkeit
Multi-Site Program Manager

15 years ago, Colin Lenkeit applied for the position of “Measurer” with PPM. He was hired to perform measurements and draft landscape site plans for landscape architects. This entailed sketching residential and commercial landscapes, taking measurements of onsite features and utilizing AutoCAD to create accurate site plans. What appealed to Colin about the job? “I’ve always been a hands-on person. I enjoy being outdoors and like challenges involving numbers, calculations, or the need to put together a plan for a situation. The job description fit the bill perfectly!” says Lenkeit. Today, that position would be called “Surveyor,” and the Surveyor position at PPM would soon evolve to an As-Built Building Surveyor where Lenkeit and our team would parlay their meticulous surveying and drafting skills into a new realm. With advanced training and new technology, this became the focus with the growing demand of As-Built building plans by architects in Southern California (our first service region).

Today, you’ll find Colin at our Long Beach headquarters deep in processes and systems managing a much larger scope of work. Our business has evolved from a tiny team of landscape “measurers” to a nationwide company who provides “Worry-Free” As-Built survey and drafting services to residential and commercial architects as well as big brands with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of locations across the country. PPM booked its first Multi-Site program with a large brand in 2009 providing Floor Plans and Reflective Ceiling Plans to 47 pharmacies across California. These pharmacies were purchased and rebranded to CVS stores, and our team would provide the As-Built plans their architects would use to design the new interiors. Today, Colin manages programs with hundreds of locations across the U.S. Having been a surveyor and drafter himself and having touched so many roles and processes at PPM, Colin is the perfect person to manage our largest programs for our biggest clients with ease.

The day to day

Gone are his days of site visits and drafting. You’ll find him focused at his desk communicating between calls and emails with our clients, surveyors, and drafters. Whether it’s discussing a new program with a client, gathering information to provide accurate quotes, working with site contacts to organize and schedule field work, or communicating with surveyors with the information they’ll need to ensure their work goes off without a hitch, most of his days are spent in communication, and as his title eludes, program management. Holistically, he’s the driving force that ensures each program runs smoothly and every person involved in the process is organized, informed, and delivering on time with complete accuracy.

Supporting our clients

From first inquiry to final deliverable, Colin is the key point of contact for our Multi-Site clients. Having a single, knowledgeable point of contact who knows every step of the project and process is a key benefit for anyone handling the program management from the brand side. Rather than dealing with multiple people in our organization, Colin is a quick call or short email away from a swift answer and timely update. He’s proactive about communicating the program as it moves through the process, and is hyper-focused on high-quality As-Built plans that are delivered on time and according to schedule; especially when dealing with high-volume programs where Colin could be managing the surveys of up to 50 locations per week. Any way he can support our clients is Colin’s way!

For Colin, the most rewarding part of the job is whenever we’re really able to make a difference for a client. “I know our As-Builts are helping many clients, but occasionally you get into situations where you can really help a client out or make a big difference in their project overall, and it feels great being a part of that.”

Supporting the PPM team

Having touched so many roles at PPM over most of his career, Colin is the perfect person to ask for advice, direction, or tech-specific questions. There are a lot of years of knowledge around our industry inside his head, and he’s always happy to lend a helping hand to his fellow team members.

The direction of As-Builts

Having seen As-Built technology evolve from good old-fashioned tape measures (which still come in handy) to lidar lasers to 3D laser scanning, Colin sees a push for more 3D laser scanning in the architectural industry. “At this point, I think it’s only a foregone conclusion that in the future, barring any other disruptive technology, almost all As-Builts will originate from laser scan data.” PPM has surely seen this change and continues to grow and evolve with the latest laser scanning tools. We hope to see an even bigger shift in this direction for our nationwide clients in the years to come.

Fun facts

While many of us at PPM are used to seeing Colin anchored to his desk, hard at work, he’s a pretty interesting guy outside of these walls with lots of hobbies. Before we let Colin go, we have just a few fun questions to learn more about the man behind our Multi-Site programs on a personal level.

Where can you be found when not at work?
Usually somewhere working with my hands, traveling/exploring, or cooking.

What are your three favorite hobbies?
I’ve found I can pretty easily fall down a rabbit hole and get interested in lots of things – there’s so much out there! But my top 3 would have to be anything automotive/motorsports related, snowboarding, and cooking/gardening.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A fireman

Arctic or desert?
Somewhere in between – but hopefully somewhere that gets snow!

Road trip up the west or east coast?
West Coast

Pizza or tacos?

Camping or Glamping?

Trips and travels – spontaneous or planned?
Both – When we travel, we like to plan a lot but then take every opportunity to be spontaneous once we get going.

Night owl or early bird?
Used to be a night owl, but now I’m more of an early bird.

Cookie Dough or Neapolitan ice cream?
Not even a contest – does anyone actually like Neapolitan?

Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
Breakfast for dinner

Big thanks to Colin for sharing more about his work as our Multi-Site Program Manager and life outside of PPM! For more team profiles and behind-the-scenes, stay tuned on our blog!

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