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6 Benefits of Utilizing an As-Built Surveying Partner

6 Benefits of Utilizing an As-Built Partner

Whether you dream of growing your architecture firm or need a reprieve from the “busy-work” that comes with the job, the benefits of utilizing a trusted As-Built partner to lighten your load are many. In our modern world, workdays move fast with endless moving parts and lots of distractions. The architecture industry is no exception. There are client meetings, emails and calls with contractors, vendors to manage, materials to order, existing measurements to document, and so much more. Designing the perfect space to delight and inspire your clients is what drew you to architecture, so how do you optimize design time and minimize the minutiae? Utilizing an As-Built partner to survey and draft the existing conditions of your next remodel project is a sure-fire way to free up your time, so you can focus on what you do best.

Here are 6 ways utilizing a seasoned As-Built partner can bring positive, forward momentum to your business.

1) A Streamlined Process

Working with an As-Built partner allows you to streamline your workflow. Here’s a tip on getting started. Building a relationship with your project manager is a great investment. Let them know exactly how you’d like your plans, so the team can work accordingly. Your As-Built service provider can use your firm’s template as well. Once your guidelines have been established on the first project, it’ll be quick and easy to send projects their way. And, you can modify any specs on new projects as needed. Working with a team who knows exactly how you prefer your plans and who can deliver consistent As-Built input will help you work more efficiently and drive your productivity, allowing you to work smarter, not harder!

2) Increased Bandwith

There are aspects of every job that pull us away from the most important tasks on our To-Do lists. With the right As-Built partner, you can outsource the tedious task of surveying and drafting As-Built measurements while still ensuring you’re working with accurate drawings you can trust. But most importantly, you’ll increase your bandwidth and focus on imagining, designing and creating inspiring spaces for your clients!

3) Accurate Plans You Can Trust

Working with a well-established As-Built partner who has great references and has worked on an array of projects brings next-level accuracy and expertise to your toolbox. A seasoned partner has experience in a wide variety of building types and plan types, and they’re more likely to own or have access to laser scanning equipment that will help minimize time on-site. This cutting edge equipment can be expensive, but when you’re working with an As-Built partner who specializes in surveying and drafting, you can reap the benefits of efficiency and precision without the expense of the hardware.

4) Avoid Costly Mistakes

Accuracy is key to avoiding costly mistakes. When starting a remodel project, it’s important to avoid mismeasurements that could result in exorbitant budget overages and extensions to your timeline. You and your client are working on a budget you’ve agreed upon. Absorbing the cost of a mistake or explaining to your client that you’ve gone over the budget makes for a tough day on the job. An As-Built partner’s expertise will help keep your budget on track and help you maintain strong client relationships.

5) Avoid Extensions To Your Timeline

Avoid going into overtime. Whether you’re working on a home where residents are awaiting a return date or you’re working on a vacant commercial property whose business owners are awaiting a launch date, it’s important to stick to timelines. As they say, ‘time is money.’ Using an As-Built partner who can ensure your As-Builts are accurate and on time will keep your project on track.

6) Happy Clients

Everyone loves projects that run efficienty and stay on budget, especially your clients. Optimizing your process by ensuring you project remains on time and on budget leads to great client/firm relationships and can even mean repeat and referral business!

We hope you’re excited about exploring an As-Built partnership and utiziling your newly found free time. More free time can mean catching up on those CEU classes, mingling at architecture events, staying up to date on the latest design techniques, spending more time getting to know your clients’ styles, and enjoying more time imagining and creating vibrant spaces. The options are endless, but most importantly, we hope these advantages help streamline and scale your business well into the future.

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