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April 2018
Group Photo of PPM Staff celebrating the Company Turning 26
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After 16 Years, PPM has a License to Drive and We’re Planning on Going Places

Each February, you will find the team at PPM celebrating the success of another year in business. We have all heard the stats about how many businesses close their doors each year, so we consider every birthday an achievement worth celebrating!

To plan a successful event, it all starts with choosing the right “theme” for the party. These past few years have offered several fun options to choose from. For celebrating 16, we went with a license to drive theme, and last year was a very festive Quinceañera.

Founder Derek and President Andy

Founder Derek Caldwell (left) proudly stands with President Andy McFarland (right) to celebrate the company’s 15th birthday in 2017.”


PPM’s Employees Are the Engine Producing Great As-Built Surveys

We have had a lot of milestones and memories in 16 years. However, what we are most proud of is the longevity and loyalty of our employees. Each year in business is a testament to the caliber of employees that make the company succeed. Of the 25 employees here at PPM, these four individuals have become solid pillars of the company, with over 10 years of “Busting” to help make PPM succeed.

The four employees at PPM with the longest history working here

Tawny, Colin, Frank, and Mike have all reached 10+ years of service to make PPM great.

Click here to learn more about the founding story and the different leaders at PPM.

Now that We are 16, We are Ready for a Road Trip

For many teenagers, turning 16 and getting your driver’s license is a very symbolic time for beginning to have a new freedom of mobility.  It’s no different here at PPM.  We recently re-established our Vision for what the Company is planning to become over the next 5-7 years.  We are going to hit the road – with plans to open at least 10 Offices throughout the U.S. by 2025.  We want to bring the same high-quality As-Built plans and great customer service that we provide in California, to architecture communities all across America.  Teenagers aren’t always known for their follow-through, but if things go as planned, we should be ready to open our next office right after we turn 17 next year.


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How Great As-Built Surveys Lead to Worry-Free Renovations

On the simplest level, PPM is an As-Built surveying company.  That’s what we do.  However, what motivates us and keeps us working towards our goals goes far beyond just providing As-Builts.  Don’t get me wrong – the WHAT is important.  Every company needs a WHAT – in terms of a product or service – in order to get clients and stay in business.  But over time, it’s the WHY that keeps everyone engaged and working towards the same goals.  The WHY includes things like a company’s Core Values, Mission, and Purpose.  At PPM, lately we have been talking more and more about our Purpose and how it drives all of the decisions and actions that we take as a company.  What is our Purpose?  To help enable “Worry-Free Renovations.”

Our Worry-Free Approach – Since Day One

The concept of Worry-Free Renovations has been a part of PPM’s soul since our founding in 2002, and in fact is the reason why PPM even became an idea and then a company in the first place.  This ideal – to have a smooth and trouble-free renovation (remodel, addition, tenant improvement, landscape project, etc.) is something desired by all parties involved in the process.  But it remains frustratingly difficult to achieve, as most people who have been through a remodel will attest. Renovation projects by their nature are big, complicated, and messy.  Everyone understands this when they decide to undertake one. But what makes a renovation project so frustrating and worrisome is when something doesn’t go as planned.  If you’re told a project will take 6 months but it ends up taking 9.  Or if a problem is encountered during construction that causes the cost to increase by 20%.  That is when the stress and the worry really starts to ramp up.


Start Your Renovation With A PPM Worry-Free As-Built Survey

And that is where PPM comes in.  PPM started providing As-Built surveys for a few landscape architects in Southern California for exactly this reason.  It was (and still is) a common problem for these professionals to have difficulty obtaining accurate, complete, and reliable site plans that fit the project budget.  With a lack of attractive options, they resorted to inadequate “solutions” – such as using incomplete or inaccurate plans, or trying to get by with no As-Built plans at all. The result?  Bad or incomplete information that caused delays, cost overruns, plan changes, and other negative consequences.  Hardly a Worry-Free experience.  PPM’s purpose was to eliminate those problems by giving these customers a much better option with our professional As-Built drawings, thereby allowing them to start off their projects with everything they needed to execute confidently on their design ideas.

Our As-Built Surveyor using the 3D laser scanner on a current project.

PPM is using the latest in As-Built survey technologies for your renovation project, such as the Laser Scanner that produces detailed 3D plans.

Your Renovation Project’s Best Chance of Success

Fast forward 16+ years and that is still exactly what PPM is doing, and the reason why we still exist.   The clients and projects have evolved, but the driving purpose of helping to enable Worry-Free Renovations remains the same.  As As-Built Surveyors, we sit at the very beginning of the renovation process, so our service can be thought of as the first link in a chain that will extend for many months/years, and will involve many other consultants.  We can’t control what happens to the rest of the “chain” after our portion of the project is complete – but we CAN say that we are giving the project the BEST chance for success, the BEST chance to be “Worry-Free”, if we deliver great As-Builts with outstanding service.  This is our goal for every project, and the Purpose that will continue to sustain for the next 16 years and beyond.

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