#1 As-Built Surveyor For Single-Family Homes

PPM is the Nation’s Leading Provider Of As-Built Surveys For Single-Family Homes

As-Built surveys for single-family homes are in our DNA. We started as a business in 2002 to service this market exclusively and it has continued to be the cornerstone of our services for over 15 years. We have completed over 6,000 As-Built surveys for homeowners and their consultants including Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors. We’ve seen it all. We understand how personal a home remodel project is, so we’ve developed a process that allows our clients to feel completely confident in the accuracy of their As-Built plans. With great As-Builts as a starting point, the rest of the project has a much better chance of staying on-schedule, on-budget, and ultimately delivering on the vision that the architect and homeowner share for the project. This is what we do for our clients

Trends In Single-Family Home Construction and As-Builts

Construction costs continue to increase…

This is due to rising demand and a limited supply of workers and materials. Therefore, the cost of errors, mistakes, and delays are even higher too. An accurate As-Built survey will help protect you against these extra costs.

More and more architects and contractors are using a CAD program…

Programs such as AutoCAD or BIM program, such as Revit, for their project design and execution. Old original blueprints aren’t suitable anymore for this more efficient process.

Architects are asking for more information on their As-Built surveys…

When we started it was usually just a Floor Plan that would suffice, but now we are typically asked for Roof Plans, Exterior Elevations, Ceiling Plans, and more. More information allows for more complete planning and ultimately, a more streamlined project.


Facts About PPM As-Built Home Surveying Services

PPM has produced thousands of As-Built home surveys throughout the USA and Canada.

  • Over 6,000 Single-Family Residential As-Built Surveys completed since 2002
  • 400-500 SFR As-Builts delivered every year in California
  • Projects range from 700 SF bungalows, to 20,000+ SF mansions